Last year  the surreal and confining circumstances that have presented globally in 2020  although tiresome at times were no real hardship for me overall.I htink I did it easy compared to so many folks .   



I found  myself consigned to staying close to home in truely beautiful countryside the weather was glorious and the air was filled with butterflies going crazy ….. it was a chance for a good long rest ,the air and the creeks seemed to grow clearer and more pristine by the day , the tourists dropped off and  the roads were empty in the little town I lived in 

Then being consigned to staying at home as much as possible I really had no excuse  to get diverted from my creative work   and managed somehow to focus in  on and complete the 20 illustrations needed for my self published new book ‘Creme and Caramel’s Big Adventure’ due for release at the end of September   

which will be the first cab off the rank for my fledgling publishing venture   Watch this space 

Oh the excitement as I slotted my very first ISBN onto the back cover of my book   and the satisfaction  as I learnt  all about about binding margins and  slug and bleed which were the practical elements that  would help turn my vision for the book into a practical manifestation of reality  …. 

and  the  amusement  as I  finally took my  book  files to the printer on one tiny little usb … nine months of  creative work writing and painting and formatting and  collaborating and angsting   and the contributions of about 8 different people  .I kept peering into the flute of the usb wondering where my 20 paintings could possibly be stored ? Was there some magical little art store room in there ? I wondered

Contemplating this gave me  a renewed healthy respect for technology and what a magical little device the humble usb actually is.Even then the printer didnt even keep  the usb but just downloaded the PDF  files    …..and gave me the usb back  

And what about  the wonderful people with amazing skills and talents actually from all over the world who seemed to come in  like blessings from heaven at the right time  to help me put the finishing touches needed so I could  finally hurtle down the runway   and over the finishing line as far as getting the book to the printer 

Now I am waiting with bated breath to see my baby roll hot off the printing  press  



Here tis my first self published book . A 52 page story and picture book with 22 full colour illustratons . So pleased with it  Ingram Spark did a great job with the printing .Suitable for children from aged 4-9 years .Although the little ones will not be able to read the text they will certainly enjoy  having the story read to them  and would be able to follow along with the story  with 22 lovely  brightly coloured illustrations  .

To order  your copy  go to my shop and click on pic of book or options for more details about the book and to purchase .

TY the marauding moggie  coms to check out the little house guests









Other writing  :

I also have a webpage on academia where I   make resources for teaching creative arts which worked for me in the classroom when I was a teacher   freely available .

See                              http://independent.academia.edu/wendybuss 

Previous Writing Experience :    

 includes :

  • Interviewing and writing profiles on celebrities.         
  • Freelance journalism and writing commissioned articles for a variety of magazines.

    .   Promotional copywriter and marketing strategist for a variety of holistic health             and wellbeing businesses. 

  • Receiving funding from the Australian Film Commission to develop a children’s film treatment 
  • Editing and coaching and  marketing strategy advice for other authors. 
  • Educational and Infotainment writing. 
  • Publication of a children’s book called ‘A Star is Born’ with Star Lazer Press 
  • Academic writing which consistently earned me High Distinctions in the realms of Academia.
  • Business Submissions. Grant applications etc .  
  • Children’s personalized stories for loved ones 
  • I still accept commissions to work on  interesting and worthwhile projects .If  you have a worthwhile writing or film or photographic project  you feel  I might be able to assist  you with   please feel free to contact me at  info@wendyswindow.com  to discuss your projects requirements and I will respond  promptly .I believe I can bring not only clear masterful writing skills  which  I have honed over time,  but a fresh innovative visual  and creative approach to writing and photography as well as a   holistic understanding of how to optimalize a projects effectiveness and impact.