The Winds of Change


I finally got my book away to the printer yesterday.What a process ,what a  challenge ,what a day !!!

It made me smile as I headed off to the printer on d day,(deadline day )with one tiny  little usb which contained 9 months of creative work and the  contributions of 8 different people  … could all that work  all those long hours painting and writing and editing and  formatting  and angsting and collaborating be reduced to one tinsy little device ?

And even then when I got to the printers the printer didn’t actually keep the usb but just used it to take a copy of my PDF files …..Unbelievable I found myself marvelling at the technology of this unassuming little devise peering in to the silver  flute wondering where my 20 illustrations could possibly be stored as if there was some tiny little art gallery storm room in there somewhere   ..

The final proofing took an age .it was the punctuation and the grammar that really got to me .Punctuation was never my strong point ..My  journey through academia   is strewn with kindly well meant comments from  Uni professors acknowledging the quality of my writing  but apologetically explaining  they  needed to take off points because I had managed to write a brilliant elucidation of an idea in 300 words without pausing for a single full stop …

However  what you might get away with in a uni essay you certainly wont get away with in publishing a book where one tiny single letter out of place or one typo can undermine the  entire quality and credibility in a book  its one of the few things in  life where there is no room for even a small margin of error.

Luckily for me a beautiful highly qualified editor with amazingly relevant qualifications and experience as a childrens teacher/librarian came in at just the right time and went above and beyond to do a final edit for me .I’m so grateful and appreciative of Judith’s contribution  which freed me up to hurtle on down the runway to the finish line with getting the book to the printer  Thankyou Judith  and as someone who knows what kids like and respond to in literature  your  voluble  praise  for the story means a lot to me 

I had a beautiful experience to when I still had one of 20 illustrations left to do which was called “The winds of change  and late last week took myself off to one of of our local libraries with glue and scissors   and colour markers to do some mixed media additions to the piece I was working on .I found myself sitting  next to a lovely lady called Renee who was pushing hard to finish an assignment for   her nursing studies .Renees FIFO husband sat picnicing with their baby daughter  just across the bird filled  lagoon just outside the library windows (looking for all the world like a tableau in the aussie version of a  monet painting )while Renee slaved away at her lap top 

Renee was however fascinated by what I was doing and preordered a copy of the book from me she would like me to dedicate to her  daughter Charlie. I was  thrilled  and left the library on a high .Walked out having completed my picture ,  met  a lovely soulful new person and made a sale 

However just like ‘the winds of change’ were blowing through the lives of the characters in my story so the winds of change  have been blowing through my own life .I am due to move house   in ten days and have never been less prepared    for a house move ……I have been really happy and productive here and very sad to leave  …..  I have booked a storage unit thats  about it  art this point   

I’m just so tired at this stage after the all out efforts to get the book  to the printer  and know I will be even more so  after packing up house  thinking of booking a week at a spa/health retreat   and just plopping onto a massage table and letting them  pile hot stones and crystals on top of me tube feed me   organic soups  and lead me to a lovely high point in the  hills where I can chill and relax  and  meditate whilst gazing out at a beautiful sunset …….        

Yep !! that could work for a week  after this who knows  sometimes you have to be prepared to live a day at a time travel blind and let the journey unfold…….. 


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