I came across this beautiful photo  and message  and thought to myself  YES why didn’t I  notice this  myself  and wondering if the esteemed  persons who had the awesome job of naming some very big things  like the earth  and  the heart   deliberately  knew or even realized  that these names   were anagrams of one another   Ahhh I tell you the truth about life is definately stranger than fiction

I believe  that in our journey as Spiritual beings  on this gorgeous planet  through our engagement with the many gifts and blessings Gaia or the earth  bestows on us it enables us   to dive deeper  and deeper  and more reverently proceed  into our souls  deepest recesses  to make deeper contact with our humanity and better understand what it means to be truely human   …. and have a deeper respect for the earth and her inhabitants  .certainly indigenous poeples have long known this   …

I believe as we examine and explore  our  human  feelings  and responses  like peeling back the layers of an onion  and as we start to heal and resolve the pain of the past  we start to  get in touch  with the deeper layers of our spirit and our own  spiritual  authenticity and creativity  and  interconnectedness  with the earth and all her creatures  its a never ending journey of learning and discovery  really…….


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