Wow   so much going on at present  Hold on to your britches folks as the truth starts to come out about  some of the longer term side effects  of the vaccines   ….blood clots strokes  heart attacks  testicular cancer and alopecia for men   menstrual dysfunction and sterility for women the weakening of peoples auto immune systems  brain fog    and then   when the real figures start to come out   that more people  are actually dying from the vaccine  than  COVID…..and that there HAS been another agenda going on  called  Depopulate  the planet and make zillions of bucks profiting from the vaccines  while your at it  ………it is  so much worse than  people think ……People  are gonna be angry   when they learn the extent to which they have been duped ……. The Earth is in for a wild ride ….. and yes it is gonna come out that Trump  actually did win the election…..😊

Me I’m used to being something   of a  prophetess crying in the wind but immensely  heart warmed at knowing  there  is also a mass awakening happening  ….Lots of peoples  inner bullshit detectors are wildly vibrating  and more and more people   are waking up  joining the dots  and saying wait a minute……    There are  legions of light workers across the world  star seeds and awakened souls  all doing their bit, playing their part and  we also have assistance from  our intergalactic  galactic and stellar supporters  sending love and light  as the earth  shifts in her vibration ascending  to a lighter density  …me personally I am waiting for the light  ships to arrive I have served faithfully and well  and I wanna go home  ……..



To share with anyone reading this  the very best  source of information about what is really going on in the world  I know of is Barbara Marciniak’s monthly channelled down loads  at her Bold Connections  Unlimited Site  www.boldconnectionsunlimited.selfy.store    Her monthly downloads are neatly packaged  to purchase  at a very reasonable  and affordable cost  Be prepared to be stunned and amazed . Best five bucks I ever spent . Don’t let those innocent looking bunnies and kangaroos on the covers of the downloads fool ya…….

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