Whats Really Goin On ?

I was numb with shock today as I watched the News  in dismay as thousands of people who lost their jobs overnight queued to register with Centrelink  and the PM interrupted my favorite TV show yet again to bring his address to the nation  ……….Everything is so surreal and this  thing is so multi layered so complex its as if the Cosmos has conspired  to send us all to our rooms  and urged us to take some time out and do a little honest chillin and soul searching

I love a good conspiracy theory and would recommend everyone have a listen to David Wilcock on Divine Cosmos for his latest 5 and a bit hour Utube presentation called ‘Covid Virus 19 whats  really going on?’ There are some gems of very well researched intel in there for anyone who wants to grasp a concept of some of the bigger games in play going on politically on our planet  stuff to make the  hairs on the back of your neck stand up and make your toes curl

I have been really angry  at times and raged  at the TV set wondering why the PM wouldnt see that depriving people of their livelihoods and social pleasures   will create acute financial emotional and mental stresses for many which in turn will lower their immune systems and make them all the more vulnearable to catching the Covid Virus

Surely the Goverment needs to think about trying not to make  the so called  preventitive  solutions its implementing  more problematic and harder for people  to bear and withstand than the virus itself .

But what is there to do really but to surrender to the process   and watch it unfold  ?  I am so grateful at this time to be  living in a beautiful part of the world as I do I am so grateful at the moment to just be still and take things slowly and revel in the nature that surrounds me .I am grateful for the beauty of the flowers ,the wind whistling through the trees, the sound of the frogs down in the  creek  the  beautiful sunsets from  my front porch and in particular for the plentiful butterflies dancing and swirling around in the air everywhere I look……I have always loved butterflies ..They are for me  symbol of hope and transformation    and at the moment the butterflies  in particular are gently whispering their messages of transcendance and joy and  better days to come for and are for me  a totem of hope and transfiguration beyond the current chaos ……..

I came across this gorgeous poem and pic on one of my closed face book groups 144,000 Lightworkers for the Earths Ascension  which really lifted my Spirits and  am so pleased to share it with readers .


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I received a message from Gaia, as I walked outside today
Something she asked me to tell you, some words she wanted to say…

“Listen to the silence, all is quiet and still
All except the birdsong, as they sit upon your window sill
Rejoicing in the fact, their voices can now be heard
With little noise pollution, singing undeterred
Then there are my waters, my rivers and my seas
The skies above, the earth below, and my lungs – the glorious trees
All are so much clearer, with less human intervention
Higher energy prevails, with this reduced congestion
Despite the situation, surrounding these circumstances
A positive effect has resulted, and my wellbeing it enhances
And as we are all connected, Gaia and humanity
My raised vibration affects you one and all, when I am allowed to simply BE
What has an effect on me, has an equal effect on all of you
So despite the negativity, there is also a prevailing energy, new
And once peace reigns over us all again, and we are free from adversity
A new way of living you will have found, and a better way to be
Listen all my dear children, while everything’s on pause for just a little while
To the new song I sing to all of you, to soothe you and beguile
I’m breathing so much better now, I’m getting stronger by the day
Lift your hearts and raise your singing voices, there is a better way
This transition that we’re going through, on our journey hand in hand
Despite being a difficult passage, will bring joy all across the land
Please focus on the outcome, as being one of good
Don’t dwell upon the hows and whys, we have help – in the form of the light-filled Brotherhood
My grasses, trees and water, that carry out my work
Know just how to soothe your Soul, so darkness may not lurk
Or overtake what you are meant for – much greater, brighter things
All negavity will be overcome, you will earn your Earth Angel wings”

And as the last of her ethereal whispers, softly faded out
She left me with her true, ancient name, which left me in no doubt
By the energy the sound emitted, like no Earthly sound that’s known
Even through all this upheaval, she is guiding us all HOME ?

JK 23.3.20

Poem and photo reproduced with kid permission from the poster  JK

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