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Thereaupeutic massage

Recently in one of the closed facebook groups I belong to a lady wrote appealing to the group for assistance saying she felt stuck energetically after years of working in a caring role and energetically depleted and depressed and not knowing what to do next and how to move forwards

Who of us as Lightworkers doesn’t know that place of being stuck Feeling as if you  are walking through mud and your mood is blah and low and nothing is seeming to change ? But really it all comes down to energy and being able to effect change in the energy frequency you are sitting in and resonating at                                    

                                                                                        Energy Healing

I was surprised at some of the advice given by different members of the group which although designed to boost the womans spirits and self esteem and kindly intended advice  offered no real practical advice for actions one can take  to effect  positive change .Most of the advice would have left the woman sitting there still with that false smile she admitted she wore to greet the world  pasted to her face to mask the pain she was in

Quite simply to effect change for the better we need to take action .Over the years when I have felt ‘stuck’ energetically and if nothings happening in my world I will book a massage or energy healing session .Immediately I book the session the energy I am sitting in starts to move and shift because by the action of simply booking the session I am signalling my intention to Spirit to lift to shift and move through what I am stuck in and to heal it can be quite magical the dynamism which sets in so that by the time I actually get to the session not only can I feel quite different to when I booked the session

There are many skilled  holistic counsellors and psychologists and life coaches who can hold the space for you to talk through to talk through issues which are troubling you which are  keeping you stuck in holding patterns which are limiting you and no longer serving you.Once things are spoken of and  brought out into the light and confronted the energy around the issue which is blocking is often resolved and dissolves enabling you to move forwards more freely

These days there are also many wonderful  and dynamic energy therapies and therapists around be they reiki practitioners ,Theta healers ,Access practitioners.Kinesiologists,Pranic Healers who can work to help you shift the out of present time energies of old relationship patterning and programming which you need to step out of and let go of in order to  move forwards energetically and move into a lighter higher frequency where  you enjoy a lighter and freer experience of well being and life becomes more  fluid and flexible and creative and you see more clearly possibilities for moving forwards

As I have said if you are feeling ‘stuck ‘ I encourage you to reach out for the support from another you may benefit from  and book something be it a massage, a holistic counselling session,some energy work ,a life coaching session or whatever you feel aligned to to help you effect a lift and pull you through those stuck energies and out of present time emotional dross  and in the very act of booking the session you will set the wheel in motion for positive change      


From a scientific perspective

written by Karen Leslie      courtesy of https://vibrant-living.ca/

        Back in the 1920’s and 30’s a researcher at Yale University School of Medicine suggested that diseases could be detected in the energy fields of the body before the physical symptoms would appear. This idea was way ahead of its time, but it is now being confirmed in research laboratories around the world.
Quantum physicists have proven that physical atoms are made up of vorticies of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. Matter, at its tinniest observable level, is energy, and human consciousness is connected to it, human consciousness can influence its behaviour and even re-structure it.
The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field produced in the body. The study of the heart’s electromagnetic field has shown that emotional information is encoded in this field. They have also shown that this particular field permeates every cell of the body. This is why our emotions play such an important role in our health. They can adversely affect our blood pressure, cardiac rhythm and numerous other areas of our body/health.
Even though ‘hands on’ healing has been around for centuries and exists in every country and culture around the world, many still doubt its validity. There was a time when it was the “go to” form of help for the body. Then science really took off and put this form of assistance on the back shelf (or worse). Now we have the invention of scientific equipment that is advanced enough to be able to start measuring what the human eye cannot see, but the body can feel.
When we were all young and fell down what was the first thing our mothers would say to us? ‘Just give it a rub and you will be fine’ was often their suggestion. When we hurt ourselves the first we do is grab or hold that area of the body. When we rub an area of the body we know we are increasing the circulation to that area and science has told us that this will promote healing. Poor circulation is a contributor to illness in the body for many conditions. It is key to keep all of our bodily systems functioning at their maximum and energy work can assist the body in doing this.

By Karen Leslie 


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