And so it begins …….

As from  17th of December  . anyone in Qld  who haven’t been vaccinated will not be able to go into cafes ,libraries ,or art galleries . Unbelievable .The Qld premier  Anna  Palaszczuk  is trying to enforce mandatory vaccinations  across the state  thereby treating  at least a quarter of the population like  pariahs and second class citizens .  She initially had a lot of suppport  here in the state  because apparently  she kept covid numbers low  and  managed to achieve the least drastic lockdown regime in the Country .   but she has crossed the line  sadly for  many Queenslanders  in this latest legislative push to  make double vaccinations mandatory  for all Queenslanders .Clearly     her power has gone to her head . She doesnt seem to realize she has crossed over into despotism and has become an instrument of the forces of darkness  for twisted and unbenign ends

Anna Palaschook or is it chuck  ?  is living in a fools paradise and maybe the penny will start to  drop when  1000000s of protesters come out in force across Qld and across the country this weekend  that she actually doesnt have the  support  she thinks she has

I am arcing up about not being able to go out for a coffee  or go to  a library  but keeping in mind    those  people who taking a vote of conscience are walking away from   not only from the jab but  sadly their jobs  and losing their incomes .My heart  and my gratitude goes out to them  for taking a stand even though clearly it is costing them a great deal

What is wrong with Palastchucks  judgement ? Where is her sense of  ethical  and moral propriety and decency ? How does such a person get to control  the reigns of power in our beautiful state ?here in Qld this is worse than the regime of Joe Bjelke Peterson  .We have stepped back in time  to an onerous immoral and unprincipalled dictatorship


It is a  spiritual war no doubt about it  because the people  not choosing to vaccinate are largely   thoughtful discerning poeple not easily swayed by mass media propoganda  who  perhaps have thought more deeply about life  and have a more holistic view of what it means to  maintain good health and  the implications of vaccines  and possible side effects and longer term effects  who stand for soverignity of choice and  the right to choose what they put into their bodies .Even provaxxers are standing up  and supporting the antivaxxers right to choose .Even Scott Morrison  (god bless his  cotton picking  good nose for   seeing a good opportunity to get in on  an early election  campaign is telling Palistchook to back off and get out of our lives and  saying that people   in Brisbane  should be  able to go into coffee shops and buy a cup of coffee whether or not they have been vaccinated

its ironic isnt it  for decades even hundreds of years  people have fought for  womens rights ,black rights  here in Australia  people have fought for the rights of indigenous peoples  people have fought for workers rights and  gay rights and the rights of fringe dwelling minorities  This  sense of justice and fairplay  and doing the right thing  and equality  for all  is inscribed in our constitution  and our National Anthem

Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free  sadly no not free  but being pressured and manipulated into choices well  actually many of us  dont wish to make so no not free

and integral to  the moral fabric of our society  our country  global  world  and our  spiritual evolutionary trajectory  for all of humankind. Antidiscrimination  and the freedom of  choice in so many different arenas is  something   people care about and fight for and dedicate their lives to and  what inspires humanity to move towards its Higher ground  and   suddenly the likes of the Anna Palistchooks of this world think they can  stand there like mindless   heedless  ill researched and ill informed petty burgouis  despots  in one very badly considered piece of legislation wipe out  the  basic civil rights  and withhold  so every simple pleasures of good conscientious  thoughtful  members of her constituency also  perhaps  failing to recognize that unvaccinated people also pay taxes  which go towards maintaining things like   public libraries and art galleries

At this point  I think words fail me   .At least I live in a part of the world where many many poeple feel as I do  and will not be getting the  jab   I know of plenty of businesses who will be answering to their own  consciences and  taking it upon themselves to decide who they will and will not serve ( as it should be )

I did buy a good coffee  flask recently  realizing I could save money by taking my flask with me and being able to  get out in to nature and save a few bucks buying coffees .I have started stocking up on tins of tuna   noticing that  as the Ps said the  increasing gaps in supermarket shelves and much less than overflowing aisles .  As for going to a public library   well luckily I made a house move recently and  got my stuff out of storage have been unpacking   my boxes of books  and as an avid book collector  with many books I have purchased still to read  this seems like as good a time as any to  dive into and become better aquainted with  my own book stash  to keep me going til Palistchook  sees the light of day and wrests her soul back from the Devil and  lets people who choose to say no to the jab  return to public libraries

Really words fail me at this time but good on all the thousands of poeple who feel as I do  who are out protesting in the streets …I appreciate you deeply  with all my heart and thank you ( vaxxed or unvaxxed ) standing up for  our soverign right to choose  to say yes or no to the jab

Palistchuk might like to consider too that Karma  can be a bitch and is also a real thing  and  not only has she already loSt massive support but all the chaos and  hardship and madness and deprivation and loss she is inflicting on her  constituents  will in due course of time  whether in this life time or the next  come back to her and  she will get to feel the effects of every  harsh action she has taken to cause suffering to others

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