What a difference a frame  makes

Saturday  I fulfilled another bucket list goal  to have a market stall My art group was displaying  their art  at the winter markets in Mooloolah so I decided  to have a stall  a mix of art works and photography and books and bric a brac . I did all the things ,spent a day  rummaging around in the bowels of my storage unit  finding  unused treasures I was willing to part  with ,ironed clothes ,even bought  a portable clothes rack  to hang the clothes on ,bought little sticky labels to put on everything, Went to bed late fussing with stuff and got up while it was still dark  and pretty bloody cold  Thought to myself “who does this?” Did not feel like leaving my warm toasty bed after so few hours sleep   but it was worth it  getting up early to see a beautiful golden sunrise coming up  over the water.

Caught an uber over to the hall and by the time I got there most of the stalls were already  set up I managed to pull things together before the  hoards arrived  never did manage to assemble the portable clothes rack so hung stuff on the window ledge to the side of my stall.

I didnt sell much but to tell the truth  I wasn’t a very  good stall holder.  I found it hard standing for long periods behind the stall  and had to make an effort to talk about my book   and  just fed up with the same old speil, was much happier  flitting around talking to my artist mates checking out the other stalls  and  making frequent trips to the food and coffee vans



The “before” frame


The best part for me was I decided to purchase a beautifully delicate  paint and wash floral work by Sue Faulkner  a lady in my art group  who does lovely light joyful  work .She had squeezed this lovely 8×10 painting into a really crappy frame  and was selling it for next to nothing


The ‘after’   frame


So I bought it  and as luck and serendipity would have it I just happened to have with me a brand new very elegant  frame   I was planning to use for  one of my own prints  . So I decided to use it for Sue’s painting instead   .The transformation was just amazing  This pretty little artwork with new matts  and  elegant grey  outer frame  looked  so beautiful .




I couldn’t wait to show Sue  so she could see what her painting was really worth in the right frame .  Sue glowed with pride and went on to sell 3 more paintings that morning .I could easily have put the painting  back in the gallery with  a price tag of several hundred dollars on it  but I love it and will not part with it  and    Sue has promised next time we are  at Art together shes going to lead me through the steps to do  a Paint and Wash  myself

How you frame a painting can absolutely  make it  elevate it honour it and showcase it to its best

or sadly diminish and undermine it  and impoverish it  . The right frame is really important .



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