Vibing with Colour

One of the joys of painting for me is the opportunity to immerse myself in exploring and experimenting and creating with colour .  I  just love  the opportunity to play with colour   painting affords me

bushfires across the river                                 wendy buss

I was going through  some old  files sd cards of photos and art works recently  and came across these  some older artworks   bushfires across the river and these lovely  butterflies  I did when I started painting about 5 years ago. These were inspired by some  leadlight picture designs.

Also working on pictures for children’s books also gives you full creative liscence to explore experiment and express with colour knowing  how well kids respond to colour .

Colour  can lift us and really  there are some colours that resonate with our  particular vibe .I have a dress I wear of a particular blue  which everytime I wear it several people compliment me on the colour  so clearly it matches my energy vibration .  It was an unconscious decision but when you think about it makes perfect sense that it  was exactly the colour I chose  to be prominent on the cover of the childrens book I just published   ….This blue is also associated with the throat chakra and the colour of communication ….


When I look at the incredible variety and beauty  represented in the natural world birds animals and insects I am awed  I rather think there must be  celestial art studios on the otherside  where  whole studios full of celestial  artists  sit  with their rainbow  light spectrum pallettes   and engage in friendly competition to see who can come up with an even more exquisite or  eyecatching design for a butterfly or a flower .

my question is though  once they have created these designs  how then do they get the ‘dna’ coding into the design so it can be made manifest in the physical 3d world ? I anticipate that this along with many other questions I have about life love the universe and everything will be fully explained to me when I get over to the other side and  I  am definately putting in my order to enrol  in butterfly and flower design 101



Surely  all this beauty  offers up signatures and constant reminders of a Higher benign intelligence or intelligences  at work in our world  This  sublime artistry and infinite variety doesnt  just happen  didnt just happen  …The question is How does  it happen ?


These days scientists here on earth by playing with dna coding in a butterfly chrysalis  are able to modify and change  butterfly designs .it has been going on for sometime .Check out some of the  incredible butterflies of Indonesia for example  Is this art imitating life or life imitating art ?   Maybe some of the butterflies you  have seen were actually humanly designed  designer butterflies  ……… blows the mind I know ( Topic of another article I will post another day)




Indonesian Butterflies


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