Venus on a surfboard 


She was ‘Venus on a surf board’ tall slim tanned legs for miles long blond hair in her snug fitting white  bikini and good really really good ……

I watched her out at  sea down at Kings beach  really in a league all of her own leaving the handful of  other surfers out there handling those choppy waves paling in the glow of her razzle dazzle 

She just ate those waves up . She’d ride in all grace and style  attacking each wave with gusto, zig- zagging the board this way and that as she moved  confidently and exhilarantly  through the water, firmly in control

Full of energy and vitality no sooner did she  ride one wave out almost completely to shore then she was back out to catch another break.

 I watched in awe, mesmerized ,glad to see a sister at the top of her game in her chosen  passion in what is still predominantly a male dominated sport  and I wasn’t alone .  She had  also attracted a small bevy of bloke onlookers and I smiled as I listened to their awestruck  commentary thinking for sure she must look like  the complete embodiment of some blokes fantasies .Barbie on a surf board only  on this girl there were no little geisha feet all sloped permanently into  pointy- toed position to fit into high heels . This girls  feet were planted squarely and firmly flat on her surf  board as she ate up those waves and showed the ‘Kens’ out there how it was done .

As Venus finally emerged from the surf with her board under her arm she walked towards us nonchalantly  seemingly completely unaware of the stir she was causing.

She came right up close to where we were standing and as she passed the men watched her in appreciative  awe- struck silence  though I did hear one bloke say to his mate “and to think I  wasn’t going to come to the beach today .”

As I moved on up along the beach track  I came across her again as she stood under a beach shower wringing the salt water out of her blond pony tail.

I couldn’t resist expressing my enthusiasm

“You looked amazing out there “I called out to her  …Awesome .I’m inspired”

She smiled back  in a  warm friendly natural unaffected way “thanks so much”she said appreciatively ….

“A group of blokes near where I was standing were also REALLY impressed” I added mischievously                                                                                

  She laughed out loud and said something that sounded like ‘That can Happen’

I didn’t doubt it happened .Often. I am sure she was fairly used to being the centre of adoring male attention.

The exchange lifted my spirits and I was inspired  couldn’t wait to  plunge in to the ocean myself .

My ocean antics  were nothing as glamorous or show stopping however. They comprised of plunging into  the still ocean water depths at one of the Lifesaver flags at Bullcock Beach and  drifting lazily with  the currents down to the  shallows near the other Life Saver Flag   then climbing out walking back up  the beach and doing this over and over . I felt  happy and relaxed though  grateful to be finally in the cool water  appreciating the cool breeze  feeling the cleansing refreshing ocean  like silk caressing my skin , melting my cares, supporting  me as I floated weightless in the currents 

It was an overcast day and the ocean was pretty choppy  and wind whipped and it was even slightly raining at one point   but  that didn’t seem to deter too many people as I surveyed the beach action all around me  .

The young  surf  lifesavers were  going through their rubber ducky rescue manoeuvres  ,the kite surfers at Happy Valley  were making the absolute most of the squally weather gliding  leaping twirling  pirouetting about creating this fantastical colourful ballet spectacle  making these amazing feats of skill and strength  look effortless and so much fun and , the groups of young girls in their  fashion bikinis were   dive bombing in tandem and squealing with gay abandon , elderly couples and parents with kids picnicking and  paddling  in the shallows all  dancing to the tune of the rhythm of life according to their own  particular note.

I saw how interconnected we all were as we connected and  communed with the ocean each in our different ways  and suddenly felt like I was in one  of those busy action filled beachy scenes in a page from a Where’s Wally book    e.g.                                                      Where’s Wendy ?    

  Photo courtesy of ‘ 

Wendy Buss


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