Wow  Have just reread my last  blog .I certainly  was a bit fed up wasn’t I  This is such a surreal time  Such a dualistic time  All my new age friends are  urging us to  keep the faith,keep the vibe high  focus on love and light and all will be well


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Meanwhile  people en masse are keeling over getting sluggish and  fatigued and ill from breathing in too much CO2 which is usually left for the trees to do to turn it into oxygen for us . People enmasse are walking around in a shadowy world    alienated from normal modes of human face to face human  interaction  are being corralled into more and more online activity   are being denied simple human interactive and social  pleasures like dancing and singing and are being  injected with substances that  some experts tell us need at least 5 years to be tested properly  …….

Hard to get my mind around the squillions of dollars profits the big pharmaceutical companies will be making when apparently the plan  is to vaccinate  everyone on earth

Cant help wondering how many  turtles and seabird and other sea creatures will suffer and  die from  when they get tangled up in the elastic  ties of the masks we are being forced to wear which may end  up as ocean waste if not disposed of properly   .

Tell me how does all this work and what am I supposed to think .? I did a housesit for some friends recently While I was there  A  neighbour ,a dear  old lady a  wonderful soul loved by all in the street (a quiet suburban cul de sac)  would  walk her little dog  in her dressing gown  . She had the  vaccine on the Friday and a few days later suffered a stroke which left her with paralysis down one side of her body.

Was this  part of Gods plan ?  When they gave her the vaccine did her blood pressure spike  to such heights as to  cause her to have a stroke  or would she have had the stroke  anyway ? It does beg the question if she had not had the vaccine  would she still be out there happily walking her dog in her dressing gown  meeting and greeting the neighbours each morning



I cant help but wonder  So  do you  stay quiet and  just focus on the positives  or if you know  and your inner bullshit detector tells you something else is going on do you speak up about it  ?  perhaps the way forwards is to do both

These certainly are   surreal and dualistic times . As one dear soul in one of my private facebook groups  put it ” its like having your feet in two different shoes . I know what she means  ……..



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