I have been on the move  a fair bit lately  and although I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for the last few  years  have never really checked out the countryside up around Eumundi  Yandinda  Tewantin and Noosa   so decided to head up that way for a week   booked an Airbnb at Tinbeerwah  and decided to pack light for my trip

Peaceful oasis at Tinbeerwah  Air BNB


I have two identical suitcases and put all the unnecessary stuff in one suitcase  to take to my storage unit  and  tried to pack light with some clothes  in the other  suitcase  . Anyhow  when I started out on my trip  I couldn’t understand why  my suitcase which I had tried to pack light   felt so heavy When I arrived at my accommodation  and it came to unpack my suitcase   I just cracked up when I  saw that I had brought the wrong suitcase  containing  the unnecessary stuff

The wrong suitcase

Found myself  travelling with all the stuff I didn’t need   including bathroom scales extra painting stuff ,  an  assortment of clothes I hardly wear and  cosmetics I never use  and   left with none of the  clothes  or stuff  I packed for the trip    .It cracked me up … NO  WONDER  my suitcase felt so heavy  !!!!!!!

So with none of the clothes I planned to wear  and only a few daggy things I usually only  wear to dag around in at home I’ve had to  wash out and improvise  and you realize  when it gets to the nitty  gritty  you could have done the trip and travelled really light   with one change of clothes in  an overnight bag

The experience put me in mind  of when  I travelled to Nepal in the early 80s when I was teaching out in  Blackwater  I went during a school holiday  period  with a  school teaching colleague  . For every travel hassle that could possibly happen ,it happened for us  during that trip .  When we arrived  in what was then Calcutta  it was discovered we actually had forgotten to get  reentry visas     into Australia and we had to reroute  to New Delhi to  visit the High Commission there  to get the documentary stamps we needed . We  finally arrived in Kathmandu  our luggage didn’t turn  up  and we didnt actually  see it again  until six months later .Then when we arrived in Kathmandu and had a “Welcome meet your fellow trekkers dinner  I swear someone had spiked the  tandoori chicken with too much hashish oil  either that or it was the change  in altitude  but later that night I found myself  walking around the streets of Kathmandu  alone completely disorientated and in a daze trying to find my way back    to the hotel

So  with only days  before our trek and having nothing more with us than we had carried in our over night luggage   before we set off walking  through the foothills of the Himylayas  we had to beg  borrow clothes from our fellow trekkers  and buy  a few more  clothes as we needed  We borrowed thick  woollen   socks  and undergarments and jumpers and  purchased tough cotton nepalese style pants which tied at the ankles  and  bought yak wool coats and realized in truth we didn’t need half of  all the army surplus gear and  thermal vests  etc we had raided army surplus stores for  as we worked carefully through  our  checklists supplied  by the trekking company Australian Himylayan Expeditions .Instead of the the probably expensive trekking boots I would have bought I  actually  did the trek  through the foothills of the Himylayas in simple sandshoes .

Its true I was in those days a tiny size 8  and when I got blisters and started to lag behind the group  on the trek Nima a lovely Sherpa  graciously decided he’d  piggy back me part of the way .Nima had ulterior motives though  He had ideas he might marry me and come to Australia a land where cocacola and  colour TV  abounded  In those days both coca cola   and colour TV  were western luxuries  not so readily available in Kathmandu and seen as very desirable commodities

These days when I travel to a new place and am feeling  a bit out of my depth  I will often drop into a local art group  where I easily and readily feel on safe and comfortable ground  Its a world  I know and understand  . As you absorb and enjoy the art of a particular region  you can tap into the vibe and sensibility of the local painters and  see what inspires them and how they interpret and represent and are influenced  by their locale .  This is particularly true of coastal painters .Peoples creativity and individuated artistry  never ceases to  amaze me  In other more  nationally or internationally  representitive galleries      I can recognize immediately this person is painting in a style reminiscent of the old masters or this painter is clearly influeced by the impressionists  or this artist is creating in mixed media or is laying on the acrylic paint thick with  pallette knives.Its a world I know  but there is always something  new  to learn

When I finally got to Noosa yesterday  after lunch I visited  Gallery at Eumundi  (although it was in Hastings Street Noosa  )   The owner I found  to be jsut the loveliest guy  he showed me a painting    that had arrived that day  where the artist had rendered his  portrait of a dog in ground bitumen  which gave the dogs apppearance a rough earthy  appealing realism

There was also this huge painting in a very naive style that honestly any 7 year old kid might of done  The tag said  ‘price upon inquiry ‘ So I inquired  and the price of the painting?  74,000 dollars  Hubba hubba I thought to myself   when I considered how long and hard  and paintstakingly I had worked on the picturesof my  book  and the modest financial returns there Maybe I needed to  get some larger canvasses and splash some paint around

Anyway the gallery owner assured this artist had a very healthy self  concept  of what he felt he was worth commercially  and even had an art hotel in Brisbane  dedicated to his work

Beautiful recent  Aquisition at The Gallery Eumundi

Artist : Brent Harvey  ……………Untitled …………….$5.000

then I finally got to Noosa main beach  which is not readily  apparent  from  Hasting street  you kind of have to walk up a pathway to discover it   but wow as I reached the end of the path  wow what a gloroius scene  spread out before me Noosa Beach  proper sang and sparkled inthe sunlight  There was a lovely relaxed vibe  People  sunbaking and frolicking in very calm seas quite a few people which surprised me considering that the summer is coming to a close With the bay sweeping around to where theNational Park walk begins  it was actually stunningly beautiful   The energy of the place absolutely pristine  and clear being Qlds most Easterly point .


I dont know how I manage to find them but found myself in a long conversation with a doctor of psychology who I managed to convince to go and check out  David Wilcocks   Cosmic Diclosure series on Gaia .com where he interviews  insiders who have worked  in underground military bases communicating and interacting with ETs happily  sharing  information about their technology  etc A most fascinating series I watched loads of  episodes of completely enthralled back to back   during the COVID lockdowns ,my favorites being the ones with  Emery Smith .I figured I needed to help this Prof  od psych to broaded his perspective and get out of his cognitive rationalistic mind

I had a chance to sit alone   in a quiet spot overlooking Noosa Beach  for  while and recalled  with amusement many years ago  perhaps over 20  a time when I had  walked through the Noosa National Park to Alexandria Bay  which was then  a well known nudist  beach  . I arrived glad  for a chance to rest and sunbake  and proceeded to  spread out my towel  and laid down to sunbake clad in a demure black swimming cossie Eventually I sat up and was surprised to see a nudey man  laying pretty close to me  with  a towel draped over his face but all his  tackle  on display and pointing in my  direction .Readers I swear as I sat there I could easily have reached out and touched it. Then to shake this fellow  off I decided to head off into the ocean for a cool dip

On the way back to where I had left my gear  another nudey bloke somehow calculated and  managed to position himself  along the route from the ocean and where I had to travel to get back to my gear   and was lying there in  a reclining position like a statue of David  in repose with his crown jewels proudly on display as I passed

I shook my head in wonder  and  amusement and figured  a  woman  clad in a bathing costume   on a nudist beach might seem like a more titillating and tantalizing  and less challenging and confronting proposition  than the naked ladies there



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