TO BE OR NOT TO BE VISIBLE………….That is the question !!


I would like to speak my thoughts aloud around the question of what it means to be VISIBLE. It seems to me there is a real paradox going on with the Womans Empowerment Movement who are being encouraged to be not only embrace their healing and become more soul centred and more aligned to Spirit but also become more visible more upfront more open in expressing their truths more flamboyant in giving expressions to their true uniqueness and more commanding in their presence and owning their personal space and sharing what they are really all about openly with the world and yet the path of true spiritual evolution actually requires of people both men and women to become less ego centered and ego driven less concerned with the expression of outer persona and less concerned with achievements defined by outer world criterion perhaps ?

So that in itself presents a paradox and a conundrum that has me thinking

Also if you are on the path of Sacred Service in the world and here to work in service to the light and do good in whatever form that might take some time it doesn’t work in your favour for the task at hand to be so visible .Sometimes if we need to slip into some tight corner or dark place to shine a light and bring more clarity truth and honesty to a situation  or lend a hand in loving service it doesn’t always work in our favour to fully display ones hand and go about saying “Look at me everyone look how bright and shiny and clever and  wonderful I am “.

If we are about doing God/desses work in the world surely our focus should be more about looking about the positive effect we want to create for the greater good than drawing attention to ourselves and as I see it there is value for many Divine assignments we commit to in actually for a time being less visible and working away quietly behind the scenes knowing that we don’t need other people to tell us how wonderful we are because we already know that in essence we are radiant shining diamonds and reflections of the Divine and it is actually of little value to us in our purpose in the world to have poeple bowing at our feet

We are afterall shapeshifters and shamans and miracle workers who can become invisible at will as we need to in order to be most effective in achieving a creative outcome for some Higher Holy purpose and afterall many of our angels and spirt guides helping us along our path actually choose to remain invisible .

Wendy Buss   .

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