Time Flies ……

I was in a cafe on Saturday and a couple of  little kids sitting near a table near me  smiled at me and told their mum  I looked like their grandma   Wow  that stopped me in my tracks.People were always telling me I looked young for my age  and this was the first time EVER  I’d been equated with the  Senior Cits brigade ……Then as I  realized  judging by the age of  their mum  their grandma  was probably  in her  early fifties  .That made me breathe a bit easier  ….



Maybe I should have  been flattered .To me in recollections of my own grandma  a grandma is an elder wise  with grey hair and soft kindly energy  perhaps with a jar of Hydrangeas  on the table  doting and long suffering with her grandkids and a bottomless cookie jar



I  recall my own grandma  Nanny Coveney   Mum would drop my brother and I  off to visit her . She lived in one of the posher quieter  suburbs of Bristol in the UK  where we grew up where the  houses in the streets were bigger and the streets were more treelined than the bustling working class suburb  we hailed from .I remember the foyer in the building where she had her rooms   with its regency striped wall paper   and its aura of faded elegance smelling of a mix of  furniture polish and portwine and cigars.

I remember my brother and I boisterous little tykes we were  jumping up and down on her bed  and her feeding us cups of Bournville cocoa and  buttered toast and marmalade  and us having a wonderful happy time   and being reluctant to leave  when mum came to pick us up

Nanny Coveney was a gentle soul I can recall her  gently chiding us as we were no doubt ‘playing up’  on her  and  have often felt her gentle spirit with me over the years . When we emigrated she became something of a wandering soul ….As she was close to mum being her only daughter so she did come out to Australia to  visit us  and she lived with us for sometime  but her sons and  all that was familiar to her  was back in the Uk     so she became  something of a restless and wandering soul moving  between the two continents  . She eventually  went back again to the UK  accompanying  my parents when they  went back on holidays     and  eventually died there . I  lost touch with  family when I moved away to teachers college   but Mum  tells me she lived to the ripe old age  of 84 .In my memories I sense her as a  frail person  and maybe she was emotionally  but to be tripping across the continents as she did in her old age she must have been a stalwart old girl. Clearly genetically I come from a strong  stock.I always thought given  my fathers swarthy dark looks  that we came from Moorish descent and for a while there I liked to tell folks I descended from  Spanish pirates   but no my mum tells me the Buss ancestors on my dads side  were big either traders or growers in  a rather more prosaic line of business being Fruit and Veg  and today in the UK, Buss  is a name associated with a prominent well known  Fruit and Veg  wholesaling  company in the UK. The Busses of Bundaberg  in Australia were also farmers who  made their money in sugar  .Nanny Coveney though my Mums mum  came from Irish descent . I  often think of her with sadness and miss her and hope I get to see her again on the other side .

Here is a picture of her with my sister who is ten years younger than me on one of her visits out to Australia over 50 years ago now .

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