Wow  back at the Grand Chancellor for a 4 day  sojourn in the city to attend an Indesign Course to help me with some skills for formatting my book  and packing up shortly to head back up to the hills  …The course was a bit full on for me .Very designed for the   high end  corporate market One lady I shared the class with was responsible for coordinatting the marketing of half a dozen different herbal supplemen companies including Blackmores Thompsons and Bioceuticals and Mediherb most of whom I discovered are actually owned by the same umbrella company .Others in the class were working for state governemnt in the Policy division though they were coy about sharing  exactly what  Govt Dept they were working for …….probably the   Public Health and COVID Policy partment .I’d be shy too about publically declaring any involvement there .

Still not getting why pubs and clubs have opened and allow up to 100 poeple to meet in a venue swilling beer and possibly losing all sense of the need for social distancing while here on the Sunshine Coast we are still not able to enjoy some simple civic pleasures of  being able to even sit in our local libraries and  read or listen to resources or study at our leisure  or make use of the resources that the wider community pays for out of its taxes each year 

Come on Sunshine Coast Council……What Gives ?I hear other  libraries in the state are back ot being fully functioning by now     

I’m feeling really pleased that  through my new book I will promote the Kids Help Line  with their blessing The book is about digging deep  to find the courage and inner strength to stand up to  and say no to bullying  which I myself have had to do more than once in my life   and my stories   main characters examplify creatures  which have needed to just that   and emerge victorious after staring in to the jaws of death and living to tell the tale..


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I watched a beautiful show recently on TV called the Dog House In which a man who had needed to have his leg amputated and  he and his wife went to an animal rehousing shelter to find a dog  as a companion to lift the mans  spirits  becuase  the mans mood was very low becuase he was now confined to staying at  and working from home  

 The first dog the shelter brought out for a trial get to know and play date was a little fox terrier full of character and perosnality but who actually wanted absolutely nothing to do with the man   It was very  saddening to watch the mans kindly advances being rejected as this  bad ass little  terrior just ran around  the compound  side stepped the ‘here boys and pats ‘  waited impatiently at the wire for the shelter worker to comeback and fetch him   .  You couldnt help but feel for the man .

However  the next dog the shelter worker brought in to the compound for a meet and greet was a little staffi who went absolutely nutso when he saw the bloke ran up and covered him with licks squirming with excitement so that clearly it was love at first sight for both man and dog . They even looked alike. Cut to the chase the man took the staffi home and several months later were shots of the two dozing on the couch clearly devoted to one another .

There was a lesson in this for me . The man  in his need to have a dog  might have taken the terrier home and in time the terrier would have come around no doubt to be happy to lick the hand that fed him and provide reasonable company  for the man but becuase the shelter and the man allowed the animaals to express what felt good for them  and followed and worked in with their cues   the man ended up with a dog that was absolutely right for him and  clearly was a meant to be match for both man and dog …  a tail with a happy ending …..sure theres a moral in there somewhere ..sigh !!!!          

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