Wow its been a movie Marathon this weekend  SBS  has such great movies  ,a constant stream of them I decided to  stay close to home and take it slow on Saturday  I had plans to go sit near the water  and do some painting but such a great line up of movies on SBS WORLD MOViES I just never made it out the door Everytime I picked up my bag and got my foot out the door  the promo for the next upcoming movie  would pop up  and it looked too good to miss  so I ended up staying  home and watching movies  and  painted inside  instead


First there was Storm Boy


Storm Boy


and then this over the top but compelling thing with the most remarkable sets  called

Black Narcissus


The Black Narcissus

then a gorgeous film with  sublime acting  called  The Well Diggers Daughter


then a lovely poignant film with Scarlett Johannsson called Girl with a Pearl Earring


Girl with a Pearl Earring

and then  Satellite Boy  a really lovely story of two high spirited and determined little aboriginal boys  one of whom is faced with a choice  to  go live a modern lifestyle in Perth with his mum who is studying to be a beautician  or stay with his grandfather  and become an initiate in the old traditional ways  of living . After taking off on a  road trip to find his mum  the boys  are  guided safely on their journey and kept from danger by the grandfather ‘singing to them across the ether’ and the little  boy  realizes he loves his grandfather  who has saved his life and the open spaces and the traditional ways  which matters more to him  than city life and BMX bikes and video games It was a really unexpected ending  but  starting out with Storm Boy and ending up  with Satellite Boy  seemed like coming full circle with the Saturday Movie Marathon……

Satellite Boy

Definately  I recommend  checking out  SBS World Movies  The channel just seems to keep  the good movies coming


Well the Pleiadians  seem to have had me in their sights of late  or maybe I have had them in my sights. Doing some research for a friend I came across literally dozens and dozens of Pleiadian Face Book groups from all over the world  The Ps are definately making their presence felt in these surreal and unprecedented tmes   which is just as well given the unholy mess the planet is in at this time .We earthlings can use all the help we can get

I made contact with a sci fi writer recently  who claims she only writes fiction and seems to have trouble with grasping the possibilities  that we here on earth are actually living through  a bad chapter  in the most  unbelievable  sci fi  story  Come on now  what with the lock downs  the compulsory mask wearing the  media propoganda machine to induce us to  get the shot ,the tracking,the social isolation ,the corralling us all   into the online world as a way of being and socializing in the world   the heavy police presence when people are peacefully protesting  the deprivations of some very basic civic freedoms and now mandatory vaccinations  ? .Come on guys how bad does it have to get before the penny drops that our planet is in the middle of a takeover by  dark forces  who clearly have a social control agenda which is  not benign in intent and who dont have our best interests at heart? Forces which didnt even need to start a war to move in as they have    we are such complacent non questioning slack asses.   If you know something say something. Things are only gonna change when people say “No  its enough  Thats not what I agree to or whats right for me.”

Good on Dixie Norman in Canada  for her  proactive  stance in her campaigns to unite and rally others  to fight the idea of  mandatory vaccination.You go girl !!!

This is an amazing video recording  of one of Barbara Marciniaks Pleiadian channelling sessions recorded in Sedona in 2020 .Truly compelling and fascinating listening  a gift from the stars

well worth a listen


. One bright spot to look forwards to  I am off to the countryside  in Brookfield  next weekend to look after  some horses and pooches for a  celebrity  .Nah not saying who it is but really looking forwards to getting out on the land



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