There's An Alphabet On Your Head 

Written by Wendy Buss © 2019

(Work In Progress)

The Illustrations

The right illustrations will be a major key in the appeal of this book.The story takes place inside a posh hat salon.Inside this lush interior are hats everywhere, of every sort, as far as the eye can see bowlers, toppers, panamas, akubras ,caps, bonnets, derbys fascinators,neatly lining the walls, hung on elegant hat stands and mannequins .
There are ornate guilt mirrors ,plush red carpets,elegant sofas,greek statues and ostentatious flower arrangements in giant vases.The illustrations should reflect the mad cap over the top zaniness of the text.

The salesman is also equally elegant with slicked back oily hair, long twirly moustache and an ingratiating smile showing oversized teeth and constantly bowing.The customer is rotound with a self important air He’s eccentric but also full of joie de vivre … and ridiculous but likeable.

The customer an androgynous cheeky lively looking character with flyaway hair big eyes and a big smile is looking to buy a hat for all occasions ….and although he is tempted to walk out of the shop with an entire alphabet on his head at the last moment he sees a little hat he feels is just perfect and exactly what he was looking for

There’s an Alphabet On Your Head

Welcome to Harold’s House of Hats .May I help you ?

I certainly hope so for you see
I need a hat a hat for me
My head is in the mood for a hat
I need a hat and that is that

The look no further .You’ve come to the
right place for sure
At Harold’s we have 10’000 hats or more.
Hats from the ceiling to the floor
Big hats,small hats,
High hats,low hats .
Shy ‘pass me by’ hats,
Sassy razzle dazzle ‘ knock em in the aisle’
Hats for breakfast, lunch and tea
Hats as far as the eye can see
Yes indeed I see I see !
But which will be the hat for me ?
You see I want a groovy hat.
A top o’ the morning ter ya hat.
A hat for twirling in the air,
A hat for wearing for a dare
A hat for wearing without a care.
A hat to make the ladies swoon,
A hat for flying to the moon.
A hat for frolicking in spring,
A hat that makes the birdies sing.
A hat for walking tall and proud,
A hat for standing out in crowds.
A hat to banish away the ‘sads’
A hat to make the heart feel glad.
So surely my good man you can see,
A special hat is what I need.

I see, I see, of course I do!
Harold’s will have a hat for you.
Follow me Sir right this way,
A special hat we’ll find today.
This is our latest range
‘The Alphabet Collection’
We have many hats from A-Zee,
Let’s try them on Sir, Allow me!
Now here we have …….lets see

How about an Aussie Akubra for having action adventures with Alligators ?

A Backwards badboy hat is beaut for bowling with bears

Consider a Cockatoo candelabra for cha cha chaing with a Cheshire cat,

A Ducky Daisy Derby is dandy for dallying with ducks

An Exotic Emerald Hat is exactly the thing for entertaining elephants

Or how about a Flashy Fantasy Fascinator fabulous for flirting with fireflies

A Ten gallon hat is great for galloping around on giraffes

A Hard Helmet helps when hip hopping with Hippos.

An iridescent Indian headbands is in ‘for entertaining iguanas

A jolly Jellybeanie is just right for jetsetting with jumbucks

You have to have a kooky kipper cap for kissing kittens

A La di-da Lavender Lampshade for limboing with lovely ladies.

A Magic Merlin Hat is just made for mooching in the moonlight with mermaids

A nightie night cap is neat for napping and nattering with newts .

Some optical ocean googles are ok for oggling octupi

A Pink Piggy tail Panama is perfect for pollywollydoodling with

A Querulous Quail hat is quite the thing for quarrelling with

Rainbow Ribbon hats are just right for Rockin and Rollin with

A Sassy Sombrero is super for sipping sarsaparilla with sleepy sloths

A Tall Topper is tops for tap dancing with tarantulas

An unusual umbrella hat is useful for unicycling with unicorns .

We have velvet vanity hats for vamping with Venitians

A wet weather sou’wester works well for whale watching .

An Xray vision hat for examining Xmas beetles

How about a yak fur hat for yodelling and yakkety yakking with yaks

And finally a zulu hat for zipping around on zebras

Oh what hats ! what hats !! Did you ever see?

So many splendid hats as these ?

I must have them all…I’ll take one of each

Don’t wrap them…………no

I’ll wear them now!!

So how do I look ,tell me how?

Tres Magnifique ….You’re looking swell,

My goodness me you wear hats well.

But can I say ?……… It must be said


Quite so Quite so ,apon my head,
I’ve one of each as you have said
Quite so Quite so, from A-Z.
The talk of the town I’ll surely be.
Oh me Oh my I’m looking swell,
This hat I have will serve me well.
Now I have a hat for every occasion !!!!!

Salesman :
Hmn I hate to say it but so many hats may cost a lot
To wear so many at once will surely make your head feel hot and weigh you down
It will surely cause a frown when all those hats come tumbling down
I hate to say it but may I say
Deciding to wear hats that way
May not make for a happy day .

Your right its true I do look grand but beneath this weigh I can barely stand and if I try to walk out the door
These hats will tumble to the floor
Oh dearie me Oh what to do ?
But wait ( points to a heart shaped hat with wings on the shelf ) whats that hat over there I see ?

Ah yes of course silly me I didn’t see it hiding up there away from me I thought we had sold out of these
May I present our happy hearts hat
Our chapeau de l’amour
One of our best sellers for sure

This this is the hat I came to buy
This is the hat I need for me
A hat for banishing away the sads
A hat for making the heart feel glad
A hat for wearing for a dare
A hat for wearing without a care
A hat for making my sweetheart swoon
A hat for flying to the moon
A hat for frolicking in the spring
A hat to make the birdies sing
Did you ever see a hat so fancy free ?
With this hat every critter from A to Z
will surely want to play with me
At last I have found the hat for me
Now I really do have a hat for all occasions
Wendy Buss

Written by Wendy Buss © Completed 2019

This project is in the early stages of illustration . Still al long way to go These acrylic paintings will need photographed and then need to to be set into a graphically designed background.