There is an interesting and powerful symbology to  the concept of the  Serpent and the Apple            in the traditional  bible story  of Adam and Eve  ……The  apple represents worldy  knowledge  and sex and   the veil of innocence falling forever  away  .In the story of Adam and Eve   the serpent tempts   Eve with the Apple  and   she and Adam  discover the forbidden fruits of lust and passion  and the joys of sexual  hanky panky   and as a result they are banished forever   from the Garden of Eden

It seems like a lot of patriarchal  bullshit actually as   I don’t really believe a loving God/Goddess would come down that hard on a man and a woman awakening to  the pleasures of doing  what comes naturally . Surely a loving God/Goddess might have said “ah  so the veil has been lifted and NOW you know .Why don’t you stay a while  and explore   your new found  capacities for sharing pleasure and bliss     within  this gorgeous  luscious  garden   I have also created for your pleasure and enjoyment?

It would seem like a pretty sad twisted and vengeful God  that needed to punish  Adam and Eve  for doing what comes naturally  I actually think  that the apple was a good thing  and it was the patriarchal   gods control issues and having a stick up his butt  that stuffed things up .l believe actually the Apple was Good

In my own version of the story  of the serpent and the apple the serpent is actually Anthony Fauci currently  the Managing Director of  the  US  National Institute   of  Allergies and Infectious Diseases and  personal  medical advisor to the president  of the United Statea who was called on to help steer the US through the pandemic

Interesting though as to how’ snake in the grass’ Fauci actually rose to  such great heights of influence and power  given that the only  medical qualification or credential   he seems to possess is that of a Doctor of Medicine issued at Cornell University his own credentials  certainly paling in comparison  to  medical research  heavy weights like world renouned immunologist   Judy Mikovitz   who tells in her  documentary “The Plandemic  “ of how Fauci stole some very prominent immunology  research she and her team had been working on   and had her side barred ,censored and  disgraced while  he glided his way to the top of the food chain taking credit for her work  ( as seems to be  the way of all  good psychopaths ) as  she lay out in the cold with her professional reputation in tatters  and her professional  opportunities seriously compromised

Anyway  slick  Anthony  Fauci  somehow found his way to the ear of the US  president  and was influential in the US  presidential course of actions responding to the Pandemic crises .The interesting thing though was that  months even years before the Pandemic outbreak  of COVID 19   Fauci was there at global medical  research forums  predicting   the outbreak of  a forthcoming  Pandemic and was even conducting  Crises response simulations at these forums and conferences  so clearly he was in possession  of a whole lot  of other information  about what was on the horizon with Pandemics  him along with others like BiIll Gates and Co  and insiders at Big Pharma and  the World Health Organization who were already rubbing their hands with glee  at the mountains of money they were going to be making  when chaos was unleashed on the world in the form of Covid 19   and  the vaccination of every single man woman and children  on earth  was touted as the only  the only way forwards  . Very interesting to note that  Robert F Kennedy Jrs book  The Real Anthony  Fauci   points out  Anthony Fauci himself  has considerable  financial stakes in the Vaccine Patents .

So then chaos was unleashed  in the form of the virus  and  that toxic little spiked protein somehow found me  all the way here in the provinces   and I caught and was diagnosed  covid positive. I believe I caught it from someone who was doubel vaxxed and shedding .Thats my feeling. I was desperately ill for 21 days and am still  fighting off the secondary effects of  a severe chest infection and let me tell you  anyone who tells you Covid is just another form of the flu? Well NO  that was not my experience

I was acutely aware that some  totally alien toxic  protein spike had infiltrated my  body and was playing havoc with my   immune system    and my health  and  given  I already had the Epstein Barr virus  running around in my system from a former illness something like glandular fever 11 years ago  and a predispoisition to    bronchial troubles   which the Covid is known to  attack  I might very easily have become one of   Faucis statistics .I definitely  fit the target group

When I was  desperately ill   I simply knew   a biogentically  engineered virus created in a lab possibly in Wuhan backed by Chinese and US money  and ultimately   planned as a weapon of mass destruction    to wipe out   a certain sector of the population  had its hooks into me  and I actually felt for  days I might not make it .

However  dear reader at this juncture  it is where the humble  apple  comes in to its own  and becomes the star of this story . Just like in the old days  when the apple was responsible for  showing Adam and Eve a whole other extremely pleasurable side of life  in the story of my recovery  the apple also again comes into its own as a source of healing pleasure and revelation  and something of a beacon of light and way shower

You see the Covid had completely decimated  my sense of taste  .Everything  tasted like  cardboard  and petrol  and I could keep nothing down  .I was dehydrated and hungry  but no appetite for anything    Food just didn’t hold any appeal   and THEN   my intuition told me to try an apple just try it  .

WELL   the little rosy  crisp red gala lady apple I  tried  absolutely tasted like the most beautiful   fruits of paradise   .There was nothing atrophied or altered in a bad way it was as if the  taste of  the essence of the apple was if possible accentuated   ..Its light healthful sweet unadulterated taste  simply held true and tasted actually better than any apple I had ever tasted before  and I knew I was on to some seriously good  healing medicine for me  .A simple apple suddenly sparked the light of hope ….something  to hold onto as I crawled through the labrynthe tryingto find my way out of  the decimation  this ugly virus creates

Once I  got the message of the healing power of the  apple I  managed to switch it up and  connect with  naturopaths and energy healers  and draw in  every good thing  I needed to boost my  immune system and lift my energies  and my recovery I think although slower than I might have liked is occurring  as I write this  …

That old adage   “An apple   a day keeps the doctor away”   was so true in my case  …an apple everyday  is keeping the evil  spidermonkey  faced FAUCI   away  . He can pull his head in .He  doesn’tget to  decide my exit point .  I decide my exit point   .

I will never be vaccinated with these  mNRNA  vaccinations which create toxic protein spikes  just like the virus that creates the illness  in the first place .I feeel my health would be seriously comprimised  so   for me that is not an option  but  hopefully  out of all this   apart  from the gratitude of feeling better ,and a new appreciation of apples and mother natures healing pharmacuticals   I will  at least  have developed a natural immunity to the dreaded Covid  .

OH  YES  one more thing now that I have natural immunity to the virus and  dont need a vaccine and  am not contagious CAN I HAVE MY BASIC FREEDOMS  AND HUMAN AND CIVIC RIGHTS  BACK PLEASE ??    EG freedom to  travel interstate,freedom to  go to the cinema and the art gallery, freedom t0 eat out where I please ?  Would like  my human rights reinstated ASAP



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