The Return Of The Teacosy The Not So Quiet Revolution

Teacosies are making a come back and how .Realizing that modern civilization sadly is in danger of throwing out the baby out with the teabags ……teacosies are taking a stand and are back in force to shake us out of our fast paced. irreverent .quick fix expedient teabag dunking and dangling ways and to reinstate the teapots sadly neglected and gathering dust at the back of kitchen cupboards to pride of place on our tables and at our hearths


    Gala Occasion tea cosy design  by Wendy Buss

The new teacosies created in modern sumptuous new yarns and fabrics and in such innovative never before conceived of bold stylish elegant whimsical and creative designs   are on a mission to remind all self respecting domestic Gods and Goddesses that in todays fast paced moderm lifestyle we are in danger of overlooking the importance of the graceful social etiquette and rituals of a more civilized and gentile era when people drank tea sourced from real tea leaves poured from a tea pot when people allowed a civilized pause to allow their  fragrant tea potions to brew and went on to savour and and appreciate their beverages in a more meditative and reflective ritual that was as much about pausing to savour and contemplate how a good cuppa could enhance the quality of ones life as much as  quenching ones thirst .

   Wild and Woolly wizards  garden party  tea cosy


However  if you think these bold new tea cosy adventuresses icons of style beauty and elegance whimsy whackiness and wonder that they are  anything like the subservient shy humble little maidens of the past subservient domestic little maidens unrecognised taken for granted as they humbly performed their domestic duties of keeping the pot warm and holding families together on cold winter mornings think again

No shrinking violets ,these new girls taking over the town know exactly what they can bring to the table recognizing that they are not only about substance in the useful function that teacosies perform but also about style with a capital S. This new wave of modern girls are bold classy sassy glamazons who have staged their reappearance to lead us back to the civilities and niceties of a gentler bygone era and are not only commanding centre stage in the middle of the teatable but also commanding everyones attention.

Whether as a stylish elegant graceful centrepiece or as an outrageously whimsical wild thing and wonderful talking point for your tea table the new wave of cosies are making their presence felt .

The writer acknowledges that she whilst having a love affair with making teacosies .. she herself is something of a hypocrite  as in the manner of a thoroughly modern girl  she herself stands on one leg at the kitchen bench multitasking simultaneously cooking dinner, eating, watching TV and dunking and dangling like the best of them ( oh for shame ) as her teapot s languishes  bare and naked neglected and  gathering dust  at the back of a kitchen cupboard. Oh for shame

I have a plan though for my own social  redemption, In my aspirations to  add a little  more elegance and refinement to this most homely of daily rituals   I have  recently started at least putting the teabags into the teapot to make the tea …..Its a move in the right direction wouldn’t you agree ? steps …. Have I not struck the perfect compromise  in managing to blend all the  modern convenience of a teabag with managing to bring my teapot out of retirement and seeing an opportunity to bring a little  more charm and elegant refinement to the occasion  by aadorning my pot with one of  my new tea cosies ?

I had a friend to stay recently and I served her her morning coffee in a teapot dressed in one of my best tea cosies .She was suitably impressed . See I might think laterally but surely I am all for supporting and upholding the return of the tea cosy .

My ever so dainty and stylish new tea  cosy sits silently rebuking me as if to say “This is not why we have returned .”

Actually I love tea cosies and the simple message of homely warmth and comfort nuturance and continuity they represent and  along with other  knitting  adventurers have turned my own knitting skills to reinventing the tea cosy for the modern domestic world and am loving the adventure and the journey.’

I am inspired and humbled and indeed awed by many that have already gone before me .If you want to see whats happening out there in the parallel universe of teacosies I suggest Google Imaging tea cosies and prepare to be dazzled amazed astonished moved and inspired as you can gaze upon thousands of creations and witness what heights of creativity the humble teacosy has been taken to  .

Just about any conceivable icon and image can be made into a tea cosy . Making a tea cosy is such a delight as each seems to come into being as  a little universe of whimsy and magic unto itself borrowing and integrating elements from other designs that have come into existence before it and the maker adding her own individual creative spin to produce something new .


Teacosies can be simple easy and quick to make or as intricate and complex as you would like to make them .You have cosies that can be whipped up form a single ball of wool in a day or some of them quite simply have reached the status of high art as per the teacosies of Loani Prior

Loani Prior is probably the best known of the  tea cosy artists  in Australia and her books are well known . Flicking through the pages of Loani’s books gazing at the pics of her bold sassy audacious wonders in her books ‘Really Funny Teacosies’ ‘More Really Funny Teacosies’ and ‘The Teacosies That Changed The World ‘will have you shaking your head in awe and wonder and amusement . You can imagine sheiks and shahs and presidents paying top dollars to have their tea poured out of teapots sporting one of her illustrious artform cosies

.Moving in such circles as I do I do know that there are also other world class  tea cosy artists out there in Australia .Some of their amazing work can be seen at the annual Beanie and tea cosy festival held each year in Alice Springs where the best of the best sell for 100s of dollars and the proceeds go towards developing art programs for Aboriginals in remote outback communities

Looking at my attractively  dressed teapot wearing one of my latest creations  iunless I do something she is all dressed up witn nowhere to go   I feel  inspired to go out and  check out a variety  of exotic and interesting fragrant loose leave teas so I can both put her to goood use and  concoct interesting brews to intrigue and  refresh myself and my guests .

Perhaps  its too late to go backwards and  we will never entirely forsake our dangling and dunking ways as lets face it teabags are just so convenient but perhaps there is a place for both eg the quick fix and the slower  mindful pause where we create an opportunity  to add a little ceremony to the occasion  and to slow down  savour the flavour

I believe a lovely or interesting tea cosy can contribute to   elevating the sharing of a cuppa with friends and family to a happy  celebration of sociability and togetherness not only keeping the pot warm but also warming the cockles  gladdening and inspiring the heart and uplifting the spirits of all who gather at your  table.

Don’t underestimate how a stylish and unusual or beautiful  tea cosy taking pride of place at  the centre of your tea table  when special guests arrive might serve to elevate your social status also.

I am sure Hyacinth Bucket  in the ABCs keeping up appearances must certainly have a special tea cosy with which to adorn her Royal Doulton china teapot ( the one decorated with the blue periwinkles) which she brings out  when she goes all out to impress  her guests her superior social breeding .

Over time tea cosies even faded overstretched tatty tea stained ones that lie abandoned in the bottom kitchen drawers and linen closets   can become integral parts of cherished family memories acting as visual cues to bring back memories  of childhood and times spent gathered with families and friends and loved ones around the table .Teacosies can even be passed on as  cherished family heirlooms from generation to generation …….if  a tea cosy could talk imagine the stories it might tell ……..

As I write this I can almost feel the Goddess Hecate.the  Goddess of Domestic Arts smiling down on me ..she knows I am onto something ………I think she approves.


Wendy Buss                                                                          






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