So here I am having decided to bite the bullet and settle for a while in a lovely new home in Maleny The house has been freshly painted new carpet and looks amazing .

Do I miss the months of staying in great hotels  around Australia ? the  stunning views from the upper floors of the Mantra Twin Towns  and  the Savannah in Broadbeach  the Park Hotel in Brisbane  ? The Seasons in Perth  ?the Grand Chancellor in Launceston the  room service ,Foxtel  being called maam ? Ringing down to reception to ask them to book you a taxi .? Coming back to a freshly cleaned room with crisp fresh clean sheets and an impeccably made bed  after a busy day? Look for a freedom loving spirit   deciding to stop and put down some roots  can be as much a leap of faith as deciding to travel .For every chapter and  life change I believe there are adjustments to be made  I must confess as I did stuff   like  purchase a fridge and a washing machine for my new home  I felt the weight of what seemed like the shackles going on ……but the truth is  my health was suffering .I needed to stop to ground to come down to earth  to connect with  community in a more ongoing way .Heaven has served me up a beautiful home in a gorgeous part of the world and a welcoming and infinitely interesting and talented community ..I have been blessed . I can take care of my health properly and  work on my childrens book illustrations which I plan to self publish   and there will be more travel in the future ….           

Furnishing a house from scratch though let me tell you is no mean feat .Wheeling and dealing on gumtree from my little cabin in Mapleton to buy furniture  from all over the Sunshine Coast  A trip down to Tweed Heads to   pick up my stuff in storage  and drive back with the removalist .A trip to IGA for a big shop for condiments and staples and almost daily trips to town to pick up stuff I never knew I needed e.g. picture hooks, a dustpan and broom ,tuppaware  thingys to put in your curtain tracks to keep the curtains up…….. a thing you put detergent in to scrub the pots  Hubba Hubba  but did I say already ? ,,,,The house does  look beautiful !

I am in the market now for a compost bin and today the new bed base  and another really nice little wooden  chest of drawers arrives

Throw in a  garden full of roses  herbs natives and the most vibrant kangaroo paw  and a tree just outside my lounge window  which attracts the rainbow lorikeets and from where I can watch them undetected I have indeed been blessed

One of my favorite purchase  for the new house so far has been a tres elegant pink Sofa. I love the serendipitous way it came to me and I would like to share the tale .Once I knew my application to rent the house was successful I was faced with the awesome task of securing  furniture   and initially I hardly knew where to start I figured buying good second hand stuff and a few key new pieces was the way to go like a brand new bed and a snazzy coffee table (still to find)

With moving in day looming in less than a week  my hopes high I sailed down the range on Glasshouse Country coaches to Nambour and the first stop was Vinnies .Here I spied a neat looking sofa it was an older style serviceable and comfortable and in very good condition the only trouble with it was the colour it was well hum mustard coloured .Dullsville !! I’m not really a big fan of mustard  it makes my complexion look like mud for starters but   nearly did buy it for  I was panicking a bit  that I was moving in to a n unfurnished house in less than a week and I had not yet purchased a stick of furniture so there I was seriously considering this mustard coloured couch when I’m not sure if it was my intuition or my  guardian angel but I definitely was gifted with  the light filled  insight  impulse intuition  not to buy it but to wait because there was a lovely PINK couch out there waiting for me .

I  smiled with delight for I  definately prefer pink to mustard I think it was really my Higher self trying to offer me reassurance and go for the furniture I really wanted rather than grabbing any old thing because it was cheap and would fill a space and also reminding me there were bargains and good deals out there  and buying nice furniture  didn’t need to cost the earth .Sure enough the pink couch did appear on Gumtree a couple of days later  It was a dusky rose coloured rather elegant slightly old fashioned chaise long with one raised curvy end …….I could rather imagine myself  stretched out on it like Cleopatra watching TV while someone peeled me a grape  but it was so well priced I couldn’t help feel there must be something  wrong with it  …… and decided to inquire

The elderly lady owner Cheryl  revealed it was in pretty well perfect condition  that she had hoped to pass on to some  family members but they being the younger generation the couch wasn’t quite to their taste  and Cheryl needed the space in her apartment  .When Cheryl revealed what she had paid for it a some years ago ..compared with what she was selling it for I knew it was a quality item too good to pass up so I decided to purchase it

All well and good  but like any treasure worth having  unearthing it and dislodging it from where it was to where it needed to be did  throw up a few obstacles .One was its weight being that it is also a sofa bed it is rather heavy and Michael the guy I hired to do the removal had to rope in his teenage son Riley to help him carry it down the steps for Cheryls first floor apartment .Then there was a phone call from Michael grumbling that he wasn’t liking the pink couch very much the  reason being  it woudn’t  fit through Cheryls front door and they had to take the front door off her apartment to get it out .Michael God bless him was  terribly patient a less patient handyman might have spat the dummy at that point  but Michael was an angel and ready to go over and above and had had the forethought to take his tool box  to cater to unexpected contingencies and later that afternoon Michael and Riley clearly a little whacked by their exertions but triumphant  in their endeavours  delivered  my  pink couch to me as the Maleny  sun was setting  .Thankyou Michael and Riley .

The pink sofa is  lovely piece of furniture which lends a little classical grace and style to my new home and defiantly ahs that je ne sais quois  has that I also have a lovely white modern couch as well  to add contrast and a contemporary vibe  to the space  

I love how I trusted my intuition listened  to that inspired though and followed where the carrots dangled scoring a very good buy  which  helped create the ambience I saw for my new home and helping me realize nice furniture did not need to cost the earth .

Unbelievably  well most thing by the time I moved in  I had everything I needed to set up home though the endless quest continues for all those other  items  .Now I realize I need filing cabinets and plants loads and loads of plants…….

As for the pink sofa I sent a pic to a friend who commented  “Definately fit for a Queen” I think so !  

 Wendy Buss

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