Photo courtesy of Aquarium of the Pacific

The Lorikeets at Bulcock Beach

Early in the morning

in the pines outside my window at Bulcock Beach

I am woken by a squillion noisy rainbow lorikeets going nuts

a squillion  rainbow  lorikeets are going nuts

squeaking squawking  squealing  shrieking

All out

                   s-c-r-e-e-c-h-i-n-g   !!!


What  I ask myself drowsily burying my head in my pillow

can these  early bird risers  find  to get so excited about  at this hour of the morning ?

Are they making love  ?

Catching up on the previous days gossip  ?

Planning their days deciding where  to fly,

who to travel with,

who to catch up with along the way ?

Are the parents chiding their babies for squabbling

Telling their kids  to eat their pine nuts and

Wash their faces ?

Are they commiserating about the rainy drizzle

complaining loudly  about getting their feathers wet?

Probably doing all of  the above  …

Or is this raucaus cacaphony  their daily ritual  that wakes me

an invite to join them  in  their   sunrise celebration

t0 welcome in the new day?


Wendy     Buss


    Photo courtesy of Aquarium of the Pacific

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