This week has been filled with wonderful little synchronistic moments which have acted to inspire my journey and offer encouragement that I am on the right path . I have said in another article   that signs from heaven are only as relevant to the extent  the person  for whom the signs appear can ascribe meaning to them . Here then are some  magical little syncronicities and other more portentious and significant encounters all of which have definately held meaning for me .I believe magic is happening all around us everyday if we know how to look for it and can  recognise  when the carrots are dangling

This week it was having a lovely aromatherapy massage   meeting someone lovely  and moments later  finding a magic wand in the street and the same day acting as a catalyst through my charity Sunflower to facilitate a pampering and nurturance treatment  for someone I knew who  needed and was very deserving of the same .

It was recognizing a quality writer in a homeless guy and  being able in some small way to acknowledge and support both  his talent

It was running into the lovely Esther who coordinates the Maroochydore Theosophical Societies Facebook page  when I was loaded up with luggage who   travelled on the train from Brisbane  with me and time just flew as we shared stories and then shared  a nice lunch at the Fat Frenchman and she kindly drove me across the range to Lilyponds

It was the magic of the timing of the mother duck and six little ducklings who sailed into view right at the spot where I was standing on Mapleton lilyponds ready to take photos . and the magic of the internet and being able to share those pics with dozens of lovely ladies all over the world

It was in midweek meeting another  very wise loving insightful healer offering words of comfort and reassurance I really needed to hear

It was today  as I was about to ring a cab the lady in the house next door appears ready to drive into town  and offers me a lift and she turns out to be full of some incredible fascinating  new age information I really needed to hear

It was meeting not just one but two lovely people from North Arm at different junctures quite amazing given only about 100 people live at North Arm both of the were sweet gentle souls and we shared some inspiring chats

So then is there this deeper more knowing Divine order of Higher Intelligence moving our lives along inspiring us protecting us making sure we are where we need to be at the right time ,dangling carrots of  guidance and opportunity to light a forwards path for us along our evolutionary trajectories  enabling orbits to intersect so that we can  be the catalyst for one another’s good  , I believe there is …..

This week was a good week as many times this week I feel I was reminded once more of what I used to know ………….. The  carrots are  dangling I believe for all of us if we know how to look and see the signs  ……..


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