Good Karma

                                                                                                      Written by Wendy Buss Feb 2018


This lovely little anecdote is another true account which happened earlier this year  . When some inheritance monies came in I wanted to apportion some to a philanthropic cause and the cause I most believed in and felt most passionate about was to support women in transition and to encourage them to honour their spirit and to embrace their healing in order to reach in to their Higher Ground .

So often when women are going through some sort of spiritual crises or awakening they are pathologized and seen as breaking down rather than breaking through into what ultimately if they can pace themselves be kind to themselves and ride the storms as they journey through what will probably be some very dark nights of the soul and keep looking for those silver linings which always always are there and see their experiences within the bigger picture context of their journey as a soul growth adventure they will eventually emerge back out into the sunshine as a more authentic expanded creative connected and empowered version of themselves . It doesn’t happen over night and is rather like peeling the layers of an onion and really personal growth and change can become a meaningful exciting mysterious magical adventure and way of life which can last ones whole life

Instead women may become distracted and inturbulated into the various emotional symptoms and health dramas and develop problematic views of themselves and too easily accept the labels modern medicine wants to foist on them.
It becomes then a self perpetuating cycle of low self esteem and self defeating thoughts and off to the GP for more antidepressants to suppress the symptoms thinking alas that they have become those labels instead of recognizing that it is an emotion or a phase they will go through as the old out of present time emotional dross and limited dysfunctional patterning is cleared out to make way for the new and everything eventually does pass and if you can assist your process through meditation or natural therapies and any number of a wide range of natural therapies and spiritual practices available these days then so much the better you will spiral up and you will improve an get better

I wanted to with my little philanthropic concern offer gifts of nurturance and support and inspiration to support women on their healing journey and help women natural healers reach into their Higher Ground I started off in a quiet organic way and my gifts and gestured were so well received and appreciated I felt really encouraged to go on with it

I just prayed for opportunities to serve as I might come across a woman I could assist in some small way . I love this story as it shows clearly what goes around really does come around                                           

I was in a new age book shop in Melbourne and as usual drawn to the oracle cards like a moth to a flame.There are so many lovely and inspirational sets out there these days .They definitely are my weakness I have more oracle card sets than shoes .Anyway as I was there checking out the packs there was a young lady also looking through the oracle cards .We got to talking and she revealed she was studying arts law but was really what was in her heart was that she was much more interested in studying naturopathy and becoming a naturopath and she was in the process of transitioning her studies towards that end .

She had with her a bunch of books on natural health topics she wanted to buy and she also had her heart set on a particular set of oracle cards but as a poor struggling student she couldn’t afford to buy everything she wanted to purchase . I watched her ringing her bank to see if had the money in her account to afford the books she wanted and suddenly I saw in the moment a chance to be of service.

How often over the years had I stood in a new age book shop with books I dearly and desperately wanted to purchase thirsting for the knowledge and information they might provide which my soul craved like water in the desert for a thirsty camel and had to walk out without the books because I simply couldn’t afford them

I thought quite simply it was wrong as I stood there in the moment knowing I could purchase anything in the store I wanted .I saw a chance to help this young lady and I offered to pay for the oracle cards she wanted .She immediately refused saying she was from a good Italian self made working family . I explained to her about my company my little philanthropic concern and spoke to her about allowing herself to receive which she agreed she did have problems with and eventually she did allow me to purchase the cards for her .    

She offered me a tarot reading in return but I said just pay it forwards at some stage and pass the love on . She then went on to reveal that only that morning a lady had approached her in need of a reading which she couldnt afford and she had gone ahead and given her the reading ….

My ears pricked up with interest when she told me this

“Really I said what did you end up charging her ?” “Nothing” she replied “She asked for my help. I couldnt turn her away . There you go .I smiled gesturing towards the cards I had just purchased for her . This is your good karma coming back to you .

I felt moved and thrilled to have been an agent of Divine Providence in this
young ladies cycle of good karma and marvelled yet again and the mysterious
and magical way in which life moves .

Wendy Buss