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Wow sometimes its worth getting up early .Sitting at the bus stop  at 6.26am for the 631 to Nambour  watching as Noosaville comes to life …..Looking across to the serene waterways as a pair of pelicans  like miniature sea planes  come in to land  ,a flock of wild geese too many to count  surge by  . The  bleary eyed joggers  are out pounding the foot path  as if their bodies have obliged by keeping their appointments with their alarm clocks and their goal planners  but their spirits are somewhere still off in the land of nod  .   Further down the road as the bus trundles through the rural precincts of  Tinbeerwah  on its way to  Eumundi  a mist rises through paddocks where horses and cows graze  A  thin gold band of bright light hugs  the earth  in a crescent arc  which  softens and widens as the sun climbs up over the horizon and the sky is awash with gentle sunrise   hues of  soft  pale pink mauve and blue

I am thinking of a man I love who warms me from the inside  who contacts me everyday but cant bring himself to live openly in and speak openly  of the truth of the feelings he has for me .

A bit further down the road high upon a treelined ridge to the left with is it Mount Cooroy or Mount Coolum I’d have to look it up  in the background the silhouettes of a row of  lacy trees  appear looking for all the world  like the slightly uneven hem  of a womans black lace petticoats

I have to get up early I am doing the honours with organizing the flowers for Delita She cooks the yummiest  morning teas for us  Luckily Coles has some lovely bouquets .I  choose one with mauve chrysanthenums  and apricot gerberas  Choosing cards can be tricky I want one that says thanks very much but not this over the top maudlin saccharine sticky sweetness  ……..I find one that says  ‘thanks very much’ with a cute bear on it

Gerry does the honours  in calling everyone to attention I present the bouquet and Delita  receives her gift with characteristic shyness and  self deprecation  admist   cheers and claps from the group.

It’s a very good morning .

Later I am having lunch  with the ladies  at  the Palmwoods Bowls club .We have come to check out the  Palmwoods crafts group  exhibit. Some really beautiful and exceptional work  .At lunch I remark to Win all the Palmwoods ladies  seem quite old.Ah she remarks but so interesting  with such stories to share  .She tells us  that one of the ladies used to be a ballerina  and as a sewer found herself prevailed upon to making an adjustment  to Rudolf Nureyevs tights  Apparently she had to sew a flower over a strategic spot at the front of the tights and as she stood poised apprehensively with needle and thread in hand  was heard to remark to  Nureyev ‘ Don’t Move’

But wasn’t he wearing a cod piece asked someone  ? I’m intrigued I have heard of cod pieces but not quite sure what they are .It cracks me up as everyone goes into great detail with expressive hand gestures to describe a cod piece  .I got the picture   Its like a house  a box or a bag  for safe keeping for the family jewels I realize  ……

One lady remarked that male cricketers were wearing cod pieces  100 years before they started wearing protective head gear so she  deduced  men decided much earlier on  it was more important to protect their manhoods than their brains…………


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