Something About Millie (or when Karma strikes)

Written by Wendy Buss



Not Millie but identical doggie  could be her twin  .

I could only really describe Millie as some sort of dream girl doggie  Millie was a tiny little chihuahua  who was doggie perfection to look at  .With big bulbous eyes liquid brown alert bright eyes and the flounciest ears that cascaded like fountains  down either side of her head . She was a real live wire .Anytime you as much as looked in Millies  direction her eyes would light  up and  her little ears would start shaking vigorously as she leapt and flounced and bounced   gigging around the place   with excitement

She was quintessentially  a drop of pure joy  .If you felt grumpy or out of sorts  you sort of felt obliged to snap out of in Millies presence

The people she belonged to who I was housesitting for  told me they had found her on a sidewalk She must have wandered away from home as a baby and gotten lost and these people had found her .They told me when they found her she was of a size that could fit very easily into the palm  of their hands She would have been irresistible. Even full grown she was the most adorable little angel .That they couldn’t bear to part with her  which was understandable .Yes indeed Millie was a treasure

The people I was housesitting for  took off to South Africa on a holiday and I was assigned to  look after two dogs one being Millie and another being her cohort a shihtszu named Luigi .Luigi  was as laid back as Millie was wired  He had just had his coat shaved coming into the warmer weather  and his pink spongy belly showed through a newly growing back thin film of  soft grey fur   he reminded me of a witchety grub  He’d constantly squirm up close to you  as close as he could get  and I thought of him as a little love junkie  up for all the snuggles and cuddles  and belly scratches he ‘d get

In the first two weeks of the housesit  they were never more than a few metres away from me Wherever I moved around the house they stuck to me like glue and  I became very used to them following me around like a shadow.Then one morning the unthinkable happened and they completely  disappeared. One minute they were there eating breakfast and then they were gone .

It was on  a good Friday  and I was pottering around in the kitchen  I had fed the dogs and was fixing breakfast for myself  when suddenly I noticed them missing .I looked through the house  my panic rising as  I searched through every room .Any house sitter will be able to  relate to the  feeling that the worst thing that could possibly happen to a house sitter   would be if a fur baby you were assigned to care for  got injured or was hurt or even worse disappears and in the worse case scenario  even dies on your watch .It doesn’t bear thinking about  and here  now  this  potential nightmare scenario was  happening to me .

Millie and Luigi  were nowhere to be seen inside the house,no sign  of them in the yard and my heart sank as I contemplated the other options  which was either  they’d disappeared into the  surrounding bushlands  or gone up to the Highway  which the house was actually situated on  …. Not the Highway surely  .At the house there was one long drive way that led from the house to the  main highway it was  very long and steep and the dogs had never  ventured more than perhaps a quarter of the way up  where a carport rested  .They’d never even attempted to climb further  up the drive way .Their  owners  certainly never mentioned it as something they might do and it was not something I’d ever had to worry about  .

After  frantically alerting  neighbours  who joined in a search of the surrounding bushlands with me and found   no sign of them  I finally came to the conclusion  it had to have been the driveway  which led to a couple of ominous options of possibilities of worst case scenarios  either they they had  become road kill  in the fast moving traffic which streamed by or someone had taken them  .Either option didn’t really bear thinking about .I tried ringing our nearest emergency Animal shelter which was also aligned to a veterinary practice    but as it was good Friday no one was answering the phone

Eventually  by midday I had to  make a very reluctant call to the family in South Africa  to tell them their precious Millie and Luigi had vanished  knowing I would  both spoil their holiday and no doubt bring wrath and damnation on myself  .

The family naturally were very upset and sent their relatives  here in Australia who were on a public holiday it being good Friday and  who lived nearby to come over    to help with the search .No  joy and I spent the last few waking hours  posting on various lost pet FB groups    before crashing into bed  heartsore and weary and full of self recrimination .

It was bad enough losing a pet but to lose the gorgeous dream girl doggie Millie ? really  that was unforgiveable .

A new day came and with it fresh hope and early in the day  I took myself over to a nearby coffee joint  for a flat white  .I was waiting counting the minutes down til the nearby emergency animal shelter opened

I rang on the dot at 9.00am and to my utter relief not only did someone answer but the receptionist confirmed that YES  two little dogs  HAD been handed in  and one was a shih tzu and one was a  chihuahua   As I breathed a big sigh of relief  the world righted itself only to turn  upside down again as the receptionist in the next breath told me  Luigi was waiting to be collected but the owner had already taken Millie home .

But NO I protested  .How can that be?  Millie’s owners were away in South Africa and couldn’t possibly have collected her .There must be some mistake

But no  the  receptionist was adamant they had tracked Millie’s owner down through her microchip and the legitimate  owner had come to pick her up and  taken her home the previous day .

Slowly as the news sank in  I felt the neurons rearranging as the truth of matters  dawned on me .Clearly the owners I was housesitting for  when they found Millie  had never  bothered to see if she had been micro chipped probably because they didn’t want to give the little angel up

I could understand why they might not want to part with her but now it seems alas for them fate had intervened and karma  had come back  around  so that now they suddenly found  themselves experiencing the terrible pangs of sadness and despair  they felt  to lose Millie that perhaps her original owner had felt when she went missing as a tiny baby .

It seems that Destiny had orchestrated a truly freakish turn of events for the wheel of karma to turn back  in Millies original owners favour  and had orchestrated for Millie to be returned to her and right  on Easter too .Could there be any better Easter Blessing ? Indeed the receptionist at the shelter confirmed that when Millies original owner  came to pick her up she was crying tears of grateful joy  amazed and overjoyed  to see Millie again  after losing her  for so long after she wandered away as a  tiny pup

As for the people I was house sitting for of course I as the housesitter was blamed for ‘losing’ Millie  but given the sleight of hand circumstances in which both  Millie and Luigi  were suddenly spirited up the very long  driveway something they had never  ever done before   when they had disappeared   I can only say I believe  there were other  supernatural  influences in play  there that day .Is it possible our pets have their own  guardian angels  guiding events   ?

As  I thought about it , it seemed to me  as if the  wheel of karma turned  a d it would seem the people I housesat for suddenly got to be experiencing the pain and sadness and l oss  the original owner must have felt when Millie disappeared into thin air as a tiny puppy   which  no doubt would have been a terrible blow for her.

I  was  amazed  and stunned   and still  shake my head in wonder to this day at the karmic  events which unfolded  and its implications for all parties .I am sure wherever this tiny little force of nature is she will be  livening things up  lifting peoples spirits and making them smile  .


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