Some more answers  re Covid 19  from  parents with questions

When I came home one day  to find this little flyer in my mail box I was so happy  I had been angsting that week because they had started  vaccinating  5-11 year olds and  it was a deeply overwhelming experience. Then I came home and saw this flyer and felt like  it was the best piece of junk mail I had ever seen . I felt like  someone well lots more poeple had caught the ball where the kids were concerned and were thinking about the health of their kids sensibly ,doing the research and asking the right questions  and I just knew despite all the ugly crappy shit going on in the world right now  …on some level a deeper sanity prevailed. I felt a sense of light and hope  so I continue with sharing some of their answers in this post  then I have a Covid story to share of my own

(5) Is Omicron more dangerous than Delta ?

No the data and research  at this stage  shows that  as the Covid  19 virus mutates it becomes weaker.Omicron is also  more infectious so this results  in higher cases but weaker symptoms

(6) Have  Covid 19  vacccines been tested in children ?

While there are a few preliminary studies in children ,  all of the  Covid 19 vaccines available in Australia and are still under research .In 2022  the vaccines are at  Phase 111 testing on large groups.   Phase 4  the post market  surveillance  of safety and effectiveness will not be complete until 2024.until this time the products cannot  be deemed safe  or efficacious as per Pfizers own product information ( Paediatric use and the safety  and efficiacy  in children under years of age  have not yet been established)

Unfortunatley   many adverse  effects from these vaccines may  affect young poeple  for life , leading to myocarditis,auto immunity problems ,cancers and potentially death

(7)   How do the Covid vaccines work ?

Traditional vaccines  stimulate the body to create antibodies to fight a virus by injecting a small amount  of an inactivated virus  .Instead these emergency authorized experimental COVID 19 genetic modification injections use a synthetic messenger RNA   to trick the body into synthesizing  an artificial spike protein

Sadly  while their intent was for  the resulting spike proteins to stimulate  antibody formation this same synthetic spike protein has a similar  toxity to the virus  that causes the illness.

Alternative vaccines are in development  using the traditional  method of exposing the body to an inactivated  COVID   19 Virus  which should carry much less risk  .

More answers from parents who ask questions later .Meanwhile for a tantalizing tale  of the serpent and the apple  (for who doesn’t love a good fairy story )    See my next blog  .





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