I received some great news  yesterday that one of the major suppliers of books to libraries nationally  is including my book  Creme and Caramels Big Adventure on their database  of  recommendations for libraries to purchase  This really fits in with my target niche to see the book  with its  gentle antibullying  message in libraries and primary  school libraries  across Australia ……So out of the stalls with that objective off and running …… good one

Now then to the book I want to do next  which is one which I personally love and have had on the back burner for a few years now which I feel really deserves to be out there  bringing enjoyment and inspiration and a little bit of fun and magic to kids.

Actually this one is nearly completed .   With some beautiful illustrations by  talented  English illustrator  Gemma Luker . I love her work. I find it  whimsical warm  and endearing.  Gemma and I  worked for about 14 months  to create the  10  illustrations for this book hich celebrates the birth of a new little girl called Katie ….

I found Gemma  through  Elance freelancer site which is now called UPwork . I put up an  add and short   listed a few people to do a piece of sample art  for me  and Gemma was one of them and I remember when Gemma sent me something  She said  “Here Wendy I have something for you ” and when I saw what she had sent and  my heart skipped a beat becuase I knew her style and interpretation was a good match for my project  .. it had the light hearted slightly naive  modern

style I wanted  .so I hired her   ……

Gemma and I worked together for around 14 months .Undertaking a joint creative    enterprise can be like a marriage  its like this synergy of artistic  nuance  and sensibility and when it works  to produce something  better than you could ever have come up with alone its a most  wonderful  feeling  and when it works you are walking the tightrope with delight  doing a little victory jaunt  as you go .

It s a beautiful thing when you can ask the artist to add another eyelash or  the extra shade of  colour to add the bloom to a  flower  and they see what you want and send it straight back    I loved this about working with Gemma   .Not to say  we got everything  right first take Sometimes we seemed to be going  back and forth for days  on a picture and she probably thought me an exacting tyrant but we always got there in the end .

We did have a falling out right at the tail end of the project .It was a terrible quarrel .Harsh words were said  on both sides  and I always wished we might have been in   the same country  so if we could have sat down  face to face over a cuppa  we might have got past the difficulties  which ensued

Its a hard thng when  continents separate you and you cant sit down together face to face although these days with the  modern technology  like zoom calls it would be a lot easier  .  Thats part of the creative journey  I guess  you take the highs with the lows I did put the book away for a long  time feeling deeply wounded and unable to go on with the project

However I realize now  that to not move forwards with it  not only negates and doesn’t honour the many creative hours of  time and talent and good will  and love and creativity  that went into the project  from both sides and would be a waste of considerable waste of my money   and be a withhold from the  world of what really is  a lovely book that deserves to be out there

I hvae decided though that Katies time is now and I  am delighted to   finally feel  confident to move forwards with taking this baby into  development as a book    and it may even be out in print   and available for purchase in the next few months







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