Wow  I am so impressed with how my garden has been flourishing    .Talk about beginners luck . Every single thing is just flourishing  They reckon the soil and the rainfall around these parts  are good for gardening .I have had greens from the garden with my meals  for a week now .Feeling very  ‘ Mary Mary Quite Contrary’


Scarlet runner beans …. Photo courtesy of Grow

I think I might have planted magical beans as one little bean plant I planted sent out its runner shoot to  a nearby trellis and wound and racing skywards climbed a foor high up the trellis  almost overnight . I have never  planted beans before so this was a revelation to see them do this  although come to think of it they were called Runner Beans  that I planted .Thinking I might look outside one mornig to see them sky high and disappearing in to a castle in the clouds wherein a giant with a golden hen lives  .

Anyway more good news is I have organized for a new camera  Was gonna wait for my book to be finished  to buy a new one but am so missing having a camera  so I have purchased a Nikkon D3500  which is like an entry level cousin to the Nikkon D500 which is  THE camera for wildlife and bird photography a pros camera with the price tag to match and very heavy lenses too heavy for me  .  My  new camera will  have a good selection of  the special effects filters I love using  So shortly I will be able to take photos of my garden to post


Photo credit  Daniel McKeon  Central Coast Council

I was really toying with the idea  of buying  one and then got pushed over the edge   when  on my walk to town I ran in to Neil a local photographer who was photographing a beautiful   Azure Kingfisher at one of our local creeks  .I swear this beautiful and elusive bird was just sitting on a branch exactly where he had said it would appear and  sat very still  as if posing for Neil to photograph  him for  a very long time .

Anyway my meeting with Neil was very fruitful in that he pointed out six different birds nests all in the one tree and reminded me to walk more slowly with my eyes wide open past the beautiful spots   which do abound up here to notice natures treasures abounding therein

Also I love how the Universe works to turn up the poeple you need to meet just at the right time .I was carrying my shopping home    the other day and I ran into a bloke along the way who chivalrously  offered to help me carry my groceries  part of the way   .We got talking and as I am now at almost at the stage of my book  which I need  to format and will either need to learn the Adobe Indesign programme  or work alongside someone who knows the programme  and it turns out that  Thomas the guy who helped me with my groceries is an illustrator who teaches the  Adobe Indesign Programme at one of the local Unis   …..

Magical when stuff like this happens  ……..



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