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I first heard of Shiloh Sophia through one of Amber Bonnicis online meditations  (Women Unleashed ) The poem really resonated with me and I filed the name away and was delighted when only a couple of hours later that same day  as I filled in time browsing at a New Age shop whilst waiting for a train   I came across a whole book of poems by Shilo Sophia  a US based  well known painter and poet and writer and advocate passionate about supporting and empowering women  to embrace their healing and personal growth and giving expression to their  unique voices   through developing their artistic and creative talents . The book is called 

Shelter of the Sacred  and the title of the poem from which the title of the book comes  is called ……… A call to falling in love today…………..    I share this  inspiring poem with you  


                                                               A  call to falling in love today       written  by Shilo Sophia 

Everything is alive to the  noticing soul 

Falling in love with life is not a default setting

It is a conscious choice

Sometimes moment by moment 

To begin the freefall  

Start with your sensual experience of 

being human 

To do this you pause 

and choose to be intimate with

the moment in a fresh way 

as if you had never had that experience before 


Yes the Universe responds to this kind of attention 


We live in a witness/witness world 

How you interact with the cloud and the trees 

Your loved ones, your own heart the quality of the light 

the hours of the day all changes how it responds to you 

We all know this and ,yet somehow we forget 

and fall back asleep 

The quality of alivenenss 

gives the missing energy that is available 

There is potential for more 

beautiful experiences in everyday all day 

even in tandem with the suffering 

This day is made for rousing you from sleep 


Everything is alive to the soul 

that notices what there is and chooses how to relate with  it

We are all in relationships all the time -it is essential 

to choose how we show up in those relationships  

Your presence attention and sensual beingness 

can also wake others We do this dance together 

We are the shelter of the Sacred –

it is a practice 

and it is the practice of a lifetime. 

Lets practice and fall in love 


Poem reproduced from Anthology   Shelter of the Sacred  by  Shilo Sophia McCloud    Copyright 2018

Published by Cosmic Cowgirls Ink  LLC,      Printed in the USA .

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