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So I am finally making some forwards progress with my childrens book . ‘There’s An Alphabet On your Head’

Everything is  life has its own timing and I have had this pot on the stove at  a low simmer for years .Knowing there was something intrinsically valuable and worthwhile there  and on some level knowing I would get back to it eventually  .

Recently this project has seemed possessed of its own volition and momentum I got it out  and daunted by the number of illustrations it needs over 30 and the costs involved in having an illustrator create these for me I decided to have a go at them  myself…… Well what a journey it has been …Unbelievably the pictures and characters  just seemed to pop out I have loved the journey  of creating the illustrations so far .I love that the pictures seem to have exactly the right feeling of fun and joy and humour  and zany whackiness so the whole thing seems to be coming together as an organic  whole. They need to be brought to life in colour and am exploring my options here to produce these  .I am revealing a couple of my faves as a sneak preview ….

I have decided that the main character who was initially a man has been changed to an androgynous  little character with big eyes and fly away hair who could be either male or female as I figured why should blokes  have all the fun I wanted that the readers both boys and girls could relate to it and I have added a gentle little heart centred twist to the ending

These days digital printing  and online marketing have really levelled the  playing field in enabling  inspired authors and writers  to get their books and stories out into the world. There are myriad different options and possibilities for  proceeding to publication and  making your work accessible to a wider readership .I am just now exploring my options talking to publishers etc . For inquiries re this book  you can contact me at lightaction thankyou.

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