I have just added another state to my  Aussie travels.This time the Northern Territory .So far I have seen  Darwin,Litchfield National Park , and  Glimpses of Kakadu with an overnight stay in Jabiru where I roughed it at the Mecure Crocodile Hotel, glided over croc infested waters at  Yellow water saw my first ever crocodile and jabiru in the wilds and saw fine examples of Rock art at Nourlangie Art site  The camera I had with me this time is  a Nikkon 3500 .

Earlier in 2017-2018, I  travelled through  several different states of  Australia  e.g Western Australia  ,Tasmania, Melbourne and the Victorian Highlands and parts of South East Qld   dazzled amazed and awed as I moved through landscapes both seemingly familiar and yet exciting and new marvelling at the beauty and  diversity of this magnificient country

I took with me my new camera an Olympus  EMIO mark 11 and was like a kid with a new toy as I discovered and played with the special effects filters on my camera revelling in the speccy new technology as I explored ways to capture and record  the beauty and interesting spectacles I encountered both in the natural made and man made world as I passed through …..

It really was like painting with light as some of the filters actually  produce images not unlike paintings and others act to dramatize and enhance the  mood and and ambience of a shot …and often the very simplest of images a patch of concrete or a slat of wood can produce the most striking and intriguing of photos

I loved being able to create images in an instant that bore a semblance to a batman comic or an andy worhol painting or one of Monets  lush garden and lily pond scenes

At this stage  I dont profess to be a masterful technician with the camera  .There is so much more to learn than I know about the technical side of  taking photos. I am more of an intuitive photographer a point and shoot girl with an eye for a shot and  a feel for a visual  moment some whizzy  special effects camera  technology at my disposal

The fresh  fun   striking  images also act as a visual record to document my travels around Australia in the past 12 months .

These images can be   purchased as prints, posters, photoblocks ,canvasses and calenders.

To purchase after perusing the galleries ,click on  photo  images of your choice  and follow the prompts to order and make payments  .

I can also be available for commissioned shoots e.g promotional business  shoots with special effects photography for business branding  logos  cards flyers  etc   ,house portraits,pet portraits etc

Please contact me by email at lightaction888@gmail.com   with further inquiries


Wendy Buss