Written by Wendy Buss ( Feb 2018 )

I really love Sunflowers. I love their bold bright in your face cheerfulness that when you gaze upon them defy you to feel gloomy .Despite their tall lofty majestic resonance they somehow retain their common ‘flower for everyman and woman’ touch.No pampered hothouse darlings these,(apart from the commercially farmed ones) sunflowers will also choose their own spots .They might flourish in some long forgotten overgrown garden patch after the gardener has long gone or pop up unexpectedly in a tangled clump of weed ; orbs of cheer and wild beauty waving tall and proud gracing some neglected paddock or abandoned urban wasteland .

Scientists say this life affirming flower as a bud will follow the suns as it journeys across the sky from east to west and then once it has bloomed into full flower then permanently tilts its face towards the east to catch the first rays of morning sun .
Sunflowers are without a doubt one of my favorite flowers so then it pleases me to share this true ridiculously lovely magical little syncronicity concerning sunflowers which happened to me recently.

My mother had given me a pretty womans diary for Christmas but I had been travelling and alas by the time I got back to the post office to pick up my Christmas pressies I had another lovely diary and a calender well underway for the new year and I couldn’t really make use of the diary my mother had sent me I was put to thinking who I could give it to that might appreciate it and enjoy it .

Suddenly I thought of a womans organization which was situated just around the corner from where I was staying in Melbourne . Some years ago this organization had been truly helpful to me when I had been through some challenging circumstances .I had been very grateful for this organizations support and held fond and positive memories of my experience with them .I also knew they accepted donations of gifts to pass onto the women in their care so I had the inspiration to put together a parcel of gifts and pop over and say Hi and give something back ….

The next morning I went shopping in Chapel Street St Kilda for some items to put in the parcel I planned to take to the Womens Centre… I found a lovely spice rack and a beautiful secondhand hand made quilt and then in one of those bargain homewares shops I came across these huge artificial sunflowers looking so very bright and jolly I just couldn’t resist “This will lifts someones spirits” I smiled to myself and decided an on impulse decided to buy one to add to my stash of gifts for the Womens Centre .

As I finished my shopping I had to walk for the next hour up and down hip and happening Chapel street carrying this huge bloody sunflower which was almost as tall as I was

I was wearing a bright turquoise kaftan and as I wove in and out of what suddenly felt like predominantly dark denim and leather clad cool hipsters up the street sporting this huge sunflower hitting people in the face both literally and figuratively as I passed I felt like the second coming of the Hare Krishnas …It was a relief to get the thing home

I had to head out to an appointment after lunch and then later that afternoon when I was came out of my appointment and headed for the tram stop to catch a tram home I couldn’t believe it but there in the tram stop waiting booth sat a woman clutching an actual real five foot tall giant sunflower

I couldn’t believe it !!!. I had to pinch myself but there was a woman holding an actual live real sunflower of the same approximate proportions of the artificial one I had been waving around Chapel Street earlier that day

It turned out the lady was coming home from her weekly community gardening session and with her a collection of spoils from her mornings work was carrying some smaller plants and a collection of pots and also this huge sunflower THE REAL THING …………….
I was dazzled and amazed .I felt that the angels were having fun with me and I was just tickled pink by the whole encounter

I also at the time was looking for a name for the philanthropic passion project I was kickstarting which involves helping women in constrained financial circumstances
Have affordable access to natural therapies and holistic health modalities and I was toying with the idea of the name Sunflower Enterprises.

I felt it was perfect to have the bold bright bold bright cheerful uplifting sunflower as my emblem .Sunflowers keeping their cheery faces turned toward the rising sun symbolic of hope and cheer and joy

I felt in this unexpected encounter with the lady at the bus stop the Universe was giving me the thumbs up and in agreement with my choice for the name

Wendy Buss