As I mentioned in my last blog feeling distressed at the news that   last week they  started vaccinating  5-11 year olds  I felt  incredibly heartened when I came home one afternoon last week to find a flyer in my mailbox

It was called  Twelve Questions  Concerned Parents Need to Ask  .At first I thought it was another item of Govt propaganda but I was relieved when I read it  it was not that at all   but a beautiful commonsensical  balanced wise insightful summary  put  together by a group called  Parents with Questions

It was actually one of the  best pieces of junk mail I have ever received  and was compiled by a group  called   Parents With Questions  who have a website    www.parents with and a facebook group  I felt incredible heartened and relieved to  recognise that parents everywhere are on it  are standing up  and speaking out and  asking questions .

Here are some of their answers

(1)What is the risk of   my child catching Covid 19  ?

Answer :The risk of your child catching COVID 19  is as likely as most communicable diseases eg viruses  .The good news is that  the disease inchildren is extremely mild   may on ly be a runny nose coughor many have tummy upset as the lymph glands  in thier tummys become  swollen

(2) What is the long term  damage if my child  contracts Covid 19 

Answer  Thousands of children  have contracted Covid 19 worldwide  .The recovery rate is statistically close to 100 percent While children experience typical viral symptoms   eg running nose coughsore tummy  they recover well and dont seem to have ongoing health issues.

(3) Do children spread Covid 19 ?

There is very little  data to demonstrate  that children are spreaders of the virus ,Whilst they may contract the virus  they do not spread it  This has been well researched and documented

(4)How can I  safely protect my child  against Covid 19  ?

The basis of all  protection  is to make sure a persons immune system is intact and has all the vitamins and minerals  necessary to mount a defence

(a)  Ensure a diet of  multi coloured vegetables  high quality proteins and  healthy fats

(b) Maintain a daily intake of vitamins  C and D   as well as zinc though food and supplements

(c) Make sure kids are getting  enough hours of  sleep as this is when the body makes antiboodies

(d) Get plenty of fresh air and exercise with time off screens

(e)  Make sure they are washing their hands ,disposing of tissues properly etc  .


More of their questions and answers  later  .



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