I am loving the project I am currently working on

The hours just disappear as I sit in my studio space surrounded by the delicious Atelier free flow acrylics in delectable colours and beautiful viscosity and even smooth bright finish to work on the pictures

Its great how in order to create illustration I am finding I  really need to look hard and study the finer details of whatever it is I want to paint

Recently I needed to add some luxuriant jungle foliage to a picture I was working on and found myself spending time in Brisbane botanical gardens studying lush rainforest plants great shiny  looking at the patterning of the vein systems  vibrant shiny elephant ears, elegant and understated bamboo trunks with their sparser exotic foliage ,huge giant palm radiating our from a circular crown   plants with  leathery shiny elongated leaves ,bromeliads with  their shiny richly  multi coloured leaves and strong prominent  veins  the rich craggy texture of palm tree trunks and the seemingly endless variety of palm  tree foliage, elegant quirky birds of paradise . The endless variety of patterns in nature are in deed something to marvel at .

More recently I needed to recreate the scene of an elegant olde worlde  hat salon  and discovered while I was at the hairdressers Kylie the proprieter    had a couple of chandeliers which were exactly the style I wanted to put into my picture  so while I was waiting for a treatment in my hair to take effect I happily sat and sketched the chandelier Similarily in a hotel I stayed in recently I discovered the ambiance of old world slightly dated glamour  vintage  decor  was precisely what I wanted to emulate in my picture I found myself studying and sketching antique card tables and elegant arm chairs and fringed lamps ……

Painting and drawing opens your eyes to  really studying  life in finer detail and the endless patterns in nature  and the precision and attention to detail in other artisan and craftsmans work is indeed something  is very satisfying and indeed something  to marvel at  .

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