Oh Happy Day 



Yesterday I found  my  long lost art folder with  a years worth of  art work for a  children’s book project  I am working on called ‘ There’s An Alphabet On Your head ‘  which is a Dr Zeuss inspired  rhyming romp of an alphabet book

In 2019  I worked on the illustrations for the book creating 5 painted pictures which each took a month to complete   and  created  the layout   for the entire book creating sketches for every page   …. I put everything into a black art folder

Later that year  I went travelling and packed up my house and put everything  into storage  .The  black art folder  containing this artwork was precious  it was the last thing I packed and I watched it with an eagle eye as stuff was loaded into the storage unit

Then mysteriously  it disappeared   I bloody searched that unit high and low pulled out everything.  looking inside all the suitcases and checked with Simon who had helped me  rearrange the unit  who remembered seeing the folder and my commenting to him about it   which  gave me hope it was still there somewhere…….but where ?  Clearly I had hidden it well

I felt like it had been spirited away  by mischievous daebucks  .

Anyway fast forwards to now almost a year later   I was rummaging around at my storage unit yesterday  looking for my giant computer screen  which I couldn’t see anywhere

I have been  reading a book by  Sonia Choquette called ‘Ask Your Guides’ who recommends  we ask our angel guides or runners as she calls them  for help with little things like finding stuff  so I thought I’d give it a go  and duly sent up a prayer for help to find the screen .

Well only a few moments after asking for help  I began pulling out suitcases and what did I spy  but the white styrofoam protective outer cover  of the screen winking at me from a dark corner  happily I hauled it out  .Then the next question became how would I get it home ?

Well the angels must have known about my angst and despair  over losing the  black art folder and decided to kill two birds with one stone  . I decided I would need to use one of the suitcases to put the computer screen in and out of the 10 or so to choose from  chose a silver one  .

I opened it and found it was full of art materials and as I began unloading it suddenly to my surprise found my precious black art folder  sitting at the bottom of the suitcase  .I had checked this suitcase before  but couldnt see the folder with all the paints and stuff piled on top


OH HAPPY DAY   feel like a part of my soul  has been restored . There is another upside to this tale too  in that when I couldn’t find this folder I had to put this project aside  and so  started work on painting the pics for another of my books called ‘When Katie Was Born ‘  which is now well underway  and will be much quicker to finish than the other book   which has many more illustrations and a lot more design work to do  .. so now two illustration projects well underway     So  a big thankyou to my angel guides and everything in Gods good timing hey ?

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