Well yesterday was exciting

Finally our printer and distributor sent through their eproof for our  final approval  so that now I can get sample copies of the book printed before ordering the print run.Wow I was so excited   sailed through the day  with a big smile on my face …….Finally  my little publishing company  was gaining traction

I had hoped to get a print run out before Christmas but we are really close   now

Then my formatter Ceci from Melbourne who hails from Macau (I’d never heard of it )

emailed me to say she had gone online and found the Ebook for sale in three online bookstores   WHAT THE?????? I hadn’t even seen a copy of the Ebook myself and here it was out there in the big wide world  without the proper cover on it mind you  OMG  I hyperventilated There was my baby  flaunting her wares on  a Canadian online book store  ……and  not dressed in her  proper cover

I felt like a watchful mama suddenly finding her daughter out shimmying and showing off out on the town far too  scantily dressed for the occasion   ….”Come home this instant “I thought to myself

I had to call it back in pending changes to the cover ,plus I wanna see what it looks like as an Ebook  first before letting it go out   and needing to see what we as authors actually get paid  by way of   royalities for the ebook side of things  They are calling authors royalties  authors compensations Isnt compensation what you get when you have an  illness not when you create a work of artistic and literary merit you ‘d like to share with the world  ???

I can see I need to do a lot more research about the ebook side of things  with this partocular company

Meanwhile onto the next step  creating  a sales website and a Creme and  Caramels Kids club inuagural newsletter

Please wish us all a merry christmas and a new year in which we thrive and prosper


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