Glasshouse Mountains from Bulcock Beach

I finally got away for a short ocean break at Caloundra .It was wonderful to be near the water after many weeks away from the Coast  .Stayed in a nice hotel near the centre of town .Loved the feel of those gentle  balmy healing ocean breezes  on my skin and  the wind blowing through my hair  as I took a long walk near the ocean and  ate fish in a fish café right on the beach and enjoyed watching the wind surfers using their masterful strengths and skills to harness the winds as they skimmed over the waves making it look so easy and effortless . Thought about swimming and wore my togs just in case  but the wind  was a bit chilly

I enjoyed  the lovely holiday vibe and the elderly ladies out in force on their daily constitutionals even with their walking frames . I  haven’t been to Caloundra in decades .It remains something of a retirement mecca for the over 50s and also lots of young families now moving into the area so I have been told  . Caloundra is a very pretty  lovely gentle friendly coastal town   a bit less racy and less  uber cosmo and more people  friendly and chilled than other parts of the Sunshine Coast I feel

Loved how I could look back and see all 4 of the lovely and distinctive Glasshouse in the distance  Mts from Bulcock Beach

Shopped til I dropped in some of the little boutiques in the village of Caloundra  .Loved watching the Discovery channel on Foxtel in the hotel where I stayed and caught up on the latest Max Music videos The chain smokers Ah ……..what an unfortunate name for a group with a really cool sound . Wish these  Musos would think responsibly about the message they are sending their young  fans . When was it ever cool to chain smoke ? Thinking of getting Foxtel  at home  so I can get Discovery channel and Music Videos .

Ate in some really nice little cafes and restaurants didn’t really want to go home . The only downer on the way back  was having to wait at this really dingy dark smelly bus interchange  in Caloundra .This place is really really in need of a face lift and a morale boost. Apparently it has been like it for years and the council seems to have forgotten all about it  .I daresay the Sunshine Coast councillors are likely to  ride around in  their late model cars and  never catch the bus so sadly  the  bus interchange for  them is out of sight out of mind.

One lovely  and enterprising driver on Sunshine Coast Buses decided to elevate the tone for himself  I noticed as I got on the bus from Landsborough  he had a sign up saying ” Your driver for today is called Jack.” I  was happy to address him by name and asked him  if this was a new thing for all  the Sunshine Coast Bus drivers to do  but he said NO it was just something he had decided to do for himself   to personalize his job a bit. He was a bit fed up with being called DRIVA and considered as little more  by the public than  a mechanical extension of the bus and had decided to do what he could to humanize his station and facilitate a more human connection with his customers .Good on him !!

The country drivers do much better in this regard  Usually the regular passengers know their drivers by their names s and there is always someone sitting up the front having a good chat with the driver .I will often sit up front and chat with one particular driver I really like. Hi Dwane !!!!

I reckon being a bus driver is a most noble and honourable and trust worthy  profession and good on Jack .Hope his idea is taken up as a regular protocol for all the Suncoast Bus Drivers .

Came home today and have started planning my trip to Vietnam


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