I just came home  from the most amazing art session with  Naomi Pettenuzzo at her Ocean Art Studios in Maroochydore  .Every year  Arts Connect  a cooperative which  represents and  supports  artists throughout the  Sunshine Coast hosts an Art Trail  wherein Sunshine Coast artists  open up their homes and studios for people to come through and watch them at work with a chance to peruse their collections and purchase art direct from the artists themesleves  . There are also other events and workshops that happen  as part of Open Studios week  . This year there are two art trails  One on the Sunshine  Coast  and one in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland .


Naomi’s participation in Art Trails  also coincided with her regular Saturday workshops and I was thrilled  to be able to do one of her Paint and Sip classes .Naomis Paint ‘n’ Sips differ from the usual  Paint’n’Sips in that each participant gets to choose their own subject to paint  all related to an ocean theme  . I  have long been looking for a teacher to show me a few different techniques for  painting and capturing  ocean scenes and themes . I was torn between doing a turtle and a whale but have  wanted to paint a whale for ages so I opted for the whale  and was pretty pleased with how he turned out


Wendy’s Whale

Naomis  story in a few words  is that she came from  Victoria  and  a  graphic design background  and  earlier in her career and married life  as well as being mum to two daughters worked alongside builders and interior designers in the  home construction industry .The  death of her much beloved husband  to Leukemia  in 2014 saw  Naomi  do some serious soul searching and redefine what was most  important to her and  followed her souls calling to relocate to the Sunshine Coast and  after a 30 year absence returned to  painting and illustrative work

Naomi is an amazing  artist and teacher with fantastic  sunny bright beautiful energy  . I watched very impressed as she facilitated 11 poeple  each working on different pieces to come up with something   quite special they clearly were  very happy with  …..She is not only a fantastic artist in her own right  but  a wonderful facilitator  with a very open ended approach who effortlessly gently guides people to stretch themselves towards their next level  with their creations

I was very pleased with my whale  my own paint and sip creations thus far  have rarely  made it to adorning my  walls but I will find a spot for this one .


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