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I have woken early today feeling compelled to  write something in response to what’s going on with the mandates and the vaccines and what is happening in Australia politically .

So after getting up at 5ish easing into the day , finding a warm cardigan to cosy up in , stuffing my face with picklets and butter and washing them down with pear juice and now sipping on a hot  cuppa ….I’m sitting at my  laptop  ready to go.


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I also want to give a shout out  to  some truly amazing people who are standing up and speaking out and leading the charge here in Australia  to bring about an end to the draconian and tyrannical  measures promoting a two tiered society , where in many Australians who have not only lost some very basic soverign  human rights  but are losing their jobs their livelihoods and their business and their homes .


Graham Hood (centre) and Johnny Larter  (far left )image courtesy of  Washington Post

The freedom fighters and social justice warriors  I am most inspired by  including Graham Hood and  Johnny Larter  and Michael Gray Griffith from Cafe Locked out and NSW  Liberal politician  Tania Davies   are somehow managing to do this  in a most human and  loving  and inclusive way without losing their sense of humour


Michael  Gray Griffith from Cafe Locked Out

Some people  are emerging for me as true heroes   who keep the sun in my sky ,who keep my faith primed  and my spirits optimistic  that as we gradually move beyond the chaos and seeming insanity which prevails politically and economically both here and globally   we are moving towards a better kinder more loving and connected and inclusive and equitable society here in Australia  .

Firstly the mandates .What is really troubling to me is that even though on the surface of things  things look to be going back  to normal  with the tracking dropped ,the mask wearing in many place now dropped  and the borders opening up for the vaxxed at least  ,it’s a very different story for increasing numbers of Australians who have made discerning personal choices not to take the jab  and there is the now currently  the  existence of a two  tiered society based in medical apartheid  with the unvaxxed  still continuing to be being deprived of some basic human freedoms and civil rights.Many have lost their jobs and their livelihoods and their meaningful and necessary volunteer positions Businesses and charities  have lost staff and are having to close . Families are being torn apart   and are being denied the opportunity to  enjoy all the privileges of being part of a normal functioning society.


Convoy to Canberra  Protests  in February 2022

I may  whinge about being refused entry to  my local art gallery  and  not being to go to the cinema and eat out in certain places and travel interstate and overseas  but a friend Gina  who was a disability support worker with 9 different clients   lost her job late last year with the support services agency who employed her because she  refused to get the jab and now she has lost her job with Woolworths  as well as Woollies have just made vaccination mandatory for all its  employees(Guess I will be boycotting Woollies til their policies change  )

Keeping my ear to the ground as I do , I hear many poignant stories  about the  hardships the arbitrary and draconian  curtailment of peoples  liberties  inflict  .I heard last year I heard the poignant tale which made me sad   about the school where kids could not attend their senior prom  unless they had been vaccinated.

During the recent floods which  really knocked  NSW  country towns in Northern NSW around   when all hands were urgently needed  on deck to help with the  rescue missions and clean up ,some volunteers who  turned up to help  out with the clean up   were turned away because they had not been double jabbed.

Our   local agricultural show has been cancelled because anyone attending the event needs to be

double jabbed (and on it goes )

Show society  president   launches an appeal to save the Nambour show  as the mandates bite (photo courtesy of  Sunshine Valley Gazette)

Here in Queensland the Premier  is pushing for  more  emergency powers    . and there is another  massive rally planned this week in   Canberra on the 29th  of March See promotional  post on Graham Hoods face Book page


Upcoming Rally at Parliament House in Canberra

Also  is the disturbing  reality that must be faced in that even people  who have been double jabbed  can still catch Covid so as it turns out  the vax actually is not a deterrent to people getting Covid There is burgeoning and overwhelming evidence  that the vaccines which haven’t had a chance to be properly tested  are not  even safe.  There have been 146  reports of negative health repercussions associated with the vaccines reported to the TGA  (Therapaeutic Goods Association )in the last 20 days . Some well credentialled medicos  are coming forwards and saying that the death rate amongst vaccinated  men between  18 and 60 due to periocarditis and myocarditis  has increased by 40 percent .Sports players are dropping like flies  because apparently  the ingredients of the vaccine are activated to cause disruptive effects in the bodies pulmonary functions   by  increased strenuous physical activity …

When medical staff doctors,nurses and paramedics  are speaking up and speaking out about their reservations and what they are seeing in their line fo work  they are being deregistered with APRA  they are  losing their jobs and having their licsences taken away  .Interestingly   the head of APRA  is Scott Morrisons  brother .

As a result of  the floods  and the increase in fuel prices and staff shortages  food prices are going through the roof . I went to my local IGA  the other day and did a double take when they wanted to charge me $9.00 for an iceberg lettuce which are usually priced around the $3.00 mark .No thankyou. I will be growing my own  and I give grateful thanks to my local Suncoast Christian Care cheap food shop  which enables me to buy and sometimes obtain free all manner of interesting food goodies often  lots of interesting vegetarian food goodies which normally cost heaps


Iceberg  lettuce at my local IGA  going for $7.00 a pop   (for shame )

However as dire as things are and I could go on ad infinitum  about the  sad sad state of affairs politically and economically here in Australia none the less some very wonderful thing are coming out of the chaos and  happening here in Australia.Some amazing and beautiful people are standing up and speaking out  and leading the charge for positive change in this country  .Unremitting and relentless freedom warriors who  keep my spirits up  and  the sun shining in my day  and who I would like to mention and give a shout to

Tania Davies NSW  Lineral MP  is one brave lady  standing by her guns  amidst vocierous opposition in her own party


There is now a good handful of politicians working from the inside to challenge the existing  status quo  regarding the mandates and shake things up  People like Tania Davies and Pauline Hanson and Craig Kelly to name a few .You may not agree with their political persuasions but each of these people is about something bigger  in their personal ethics and their stance  on ending the mandates  and their allegiance to  protecting peoples sovereign freedoms and putting an end to the draconian unkind unfair and unjust medical apartheid  which are causing Australia to currently exist as a two tiered system

My absolute heroes of the hour are  Johhny Larter and Graham Hood

Link for Graham  Hoods Facebook page :

Graham Hoods  face book page has up to the minute   posts and videos that can keep you informed with  right up to the minute with  the social justice action movements and protests happening around the country Its  my go to place for  keeping up with whats happening as at present

I have  just eschewed watching maintstream TV at present . If mainstream media is not blah blahing on about   Covid and encouraging people to get their 4th booster   it’s the war in the Ukraine   and I believe there is a very garbled message  coming out in the mainstream media about what’s really going on there  and really my plate is just full  without adding a war to it


Johnny Larter

Most days I tune into Graham Hood and  Johnny Larters Club SCOMO  video posts which as well as providing some comic relief  and giving the NSW Minster for health  Brad Hazzard a bit of a hard time their broadcasts are full of newsy insightful updates about what’s going on socially and politically here in Australia  . They both remain crystal clear about what the issues are  and are doggedly determined and committed to seeing the mandates ended and people being allowed to return to work and  travel   and take full responsibility for making  choices and decisions about their children  concerning vaccinations

Johnny Larter who has also held a position of  Deputy Mayor  in the Snowy valleys Council  is a paramedic  who has been deregistered by APRA  and who lost his job when  he refused to be coerced into getting the jab He is   an absolute and uncompromising bulldog  in his commitment to speaking out the truth as he perceives it to be about the mandates and the vaccines He is also very astute and well informed  about up to the minute details of what is going on in politics .

Graham Hood and Craig Kelly

As for Graham Hood  what an amazing and beautiful man .Smart  , savvy  ,articulate compassionate  and  humanitarian to a fault ,an uncompromising freedom warrior and a great speaker with a wicked sense of humour  . Once a pilot with QANTAS  for over 50 years  Graham Hood or Hoody  now steers the most  incredible movement of people coming together to create positive  heart centred social change in this country.

Apart from his nightly club SCOMO posts with Johnny Larter ,he drives and sometimes flies  around the country  attending most of the protest  rallies often appearing as a  motivational speaker . His message is one of love and unity  and kindness  while maintaining a concerted commitment to his political and social  agenda especially of seeing the mandates dropped as of yesterday  and people being allowed to return to work . He and his wife Michele  ( he only ever has nice things to say about claiming he was punching well above his weight when he married her ) have started a number of social   initiatives  including Hoodys helpers and Hoodies Heroes   where people who have been  disadvantaged and disenfranchised   can connect  and  offer or reach out for support  Now some  10,000 strong during the  Northern NSW  Floods  Hoody  galvanized a whole army  of boots on the ground practical workers travelling in from all over the country   to help with the rescue efforts and clean ups .Many of those workers were people  who had lost their jobs due to their decision not to take the jab   and had some spare  time on their hands and decided to pitch in and help out


There are  Hoodys helpers groups across Qld and NSW   and these facebook pages now called Selfless Help while a new website  called Hoodys Heroes is being built  have provided an amazing vehicle for people to network  and the outpouring of love and support and goodwill  towards poeple in crisies shown especially during the floods when people themselves are doing it  tough  has just been phenomenal and very inspirational .

Graham Hood and His wife are a Christian couple  and  Graham’s work is very much a faith based mission  but as he says  if you like and feel aligned to what I am about please  don’t discriminate against me because of my religion .

Graham and Michele  are also actively involved in  efforts to  shut down  the child sex trafficking industry across the globe .  He recently interviewed the most  amazing  wonderful  lady called Sonia from RESCUE DESTINY (The post is on Graham Hoods Facebook Page )  who has made it her mission to raise 10 million dollars for RESCUE DESTINY  who go in to rescue and pull children out of the sex trafficking industry  .Their work involves actually rescuing the captive  children  ,rehousing and rehabilitating  and re educating them  and setting them on a path towards new lives .Graham Hood has interviewed her in one of his latest posts  about her work and she is amazing to listen to . Apparently the child sex slave industry is a billion dollar business and the gritty details of what  these little children go through often including multiple rapes a day is pretty well unbearable even to think about. Destiny Rescue Agents identify child-sex-trafficking victims and gather the evidence needed to build a legal case against their traffickers. Their teams then work alongside law enforcement to free victims and arrest offenders.

More info about Destiny rescue  can be found on their website  at

Sonia  is holding a  DESTINATION RESCUE BANQUET  somewhere in Sydney later in March  and I’d encourage readers in NSW  to support it .

Even close to home I love that everyday people are standing up  moving forwards with their heart centred  missions in life  and making a difference  I reside in Yandina which is  close to Nambour an old sugar producing and pineapple producing town .It went through a terrible slump there for a while with businesses closing down at an alarming rate   but is slowly coming back to life again with  lots of little holistic start ups and charitable ventures happening The Christian outreach centres with their  cafes and  Op shops  are  in a boom  as are the disability service providers thick on the ground in Nambour    The Neighbourhad Centre is thriving , as is the cheap food shop Suncoast Christian Care . Humanity and kindness resourcefulness  and good works are alive and well in Nambour .I like that you can be a dag in Nambour  and indeed it is almost expected . I have lived in many beautiful holiday and tourist towns where you felt like you need to get dressed up in the latest designer gear  to keep up with the tourists even to go up and but a litre of milk .Definately not the scene in Nambour.

Recently opened  crafters cafe and Op shop  in Nambour Funds raised are channelled into  Youth    Work   projects

I actually have had a bit of a love /hate relationship with Nambour I used to hate going there because the energy  can be so blah and heavy  at times but lately   I have been able to rub the dust away from the surface veneer and apparency of things and underneath  I do find a truly humanitarian and kind and beating heart in Nambour  .

I  cite  my experience of waiting for a taxi in Nambour and  chatting to this this dear old lady who half way through our conversation suddenly pulled out a wad of ‘ Scratchies ( instant lottery tickets ) and gave me several   She was  a pensioner who had come into an inheritance and  every week  spent  considerable money  on Scratchies  giving them away to people she met to add a little  fun and magic to their day  .I might have won $3.00 which of course I spent on more scratchies which didnt pay out ( as it goes) but I was touched by the woman’s  generosity and her  unique spin on  her ways in which she might reach out to contribute a little magic and fun  to her community

Now is the time then for all good Aussies to answer the clarion call to take heart centred steps  to rally your discernment and your nouse and your resources to align to and become  the positive change you wish to see  in your particular orbit of influence and in the world


Wendy Buss



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