And so it begins .

I was  offered  a beautiful house-sit at Christmas In Adelaide .

South Australia is the one state in Australia   I haven’t yet visited  and got very excited

at the prospect  Checking out all the border requirements  I actually qualified to cross over into SA

but come late November  only double vaxxed people  are allowed into the state and I am not aligned

to getting the jab .Three reasons  Theres a heinous  social  control agenda going on to  depopulate

the planet. More people will end up dying  from the vaccine  than  from Covid  and I uphold my

sovereign right to  only put into my  earthly temple  that which feels  appropriate and will not be

forced to take anything  I don’t feel  aligned to taking  so there’s an end to it.

I did think about getting the jab  Thought to myself  ‘Girl  make it easy on yourself . Just go along for  the ride  but I cant . No I don’t think so .

The only exemptions  for unvaxxed  people to travel to SA  is if you are attending  not a wedding or

a birthdayCelebration, but  if someone is dying   or you are attending a funeral   and then  if you

travel  interstate you have to apply for a permit  to get back into Queensland … is a fucking


The world suddenly  seems to have become   so much smaller to me

Anyone who hasn’t been vaxxed  will be living like a second class citizen

The word on the Pleiadian pipeline too   is that  by March next year many more businesses will

close  down  and people go bankrupt  and supplies  will start running low  because of  breakdowns

in  microchip manufacturing   which powers the digital technologies  which keeps the wheels of

industry  turning and  the rising costs of shipping  freight means  things are gonna get  much more


Their advice is actually  to start stocking up on affordable  goodies  cause a tin of tuna which costs

you a dollar  now  is gonna be costing several dollars .Other stuff just wont be available  and people

are going to  need to start doing  with a whole lot less of everything


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