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As  I sit by my computer I can look out into the back garden and  regularly see a lone magpie   who has commandeered my entire back yard as his own territory .  I love watching him .He looks so cool out there as he struts around  this soverign being  free to come and go as he pleases. He pays no rent, doesn’t have to suffer insufferable landlords and  Dickensian real estate agents.

I think I will ask to come back next time around as a bird .

I have big changes coming up in the next three weeks I have to pull off  getting my book  to the printer

arranging a trip to Ayers Rock and packing up my house to put everything into storage

The lease is up  so between houses and getting my book to the printer I will celebrate the culmination of 8-9 months of hard work pulling the book together  and celebrate with a trip to the top end .

Everything is going so well with the book …..I  have employed the assistance of about 8 people so far,  a photographer ,a graphic designer, an editor, a photo shopper  , lots of consults with the printer ,the local newsagent does all my photocopying and scanning for me I just email it through and the wonderful Cleve  has it sorted for me Service each time  with a smile and a friendly chat.

Last night I did a little victory jig as I slotted my first bar code with my first ISBN number   onto the back cover

Suddenly terms like ISBN ,bleed slug and binding margins have become  music to my ears because they underpin the translation of a ephemeral  vision and idea in to the manifestation of physical reality.They denote the preciseness involved in  the printing world and the elements I need to be aware of when formatting my book .

When I come back from my travels I will meet my book  finally in print for the first time and embark a cycle of learning and action with marketing .

I am not sure if I will settle in Maleny again it is so very crowded with folks coming up enmasse from the city  The crowds have been full on . That’s the thing with living in a beautiful place and a desirable tourist destination You have to be willing to share it and now with the COVID and many more popele considering leaving the city for  a tree change I think Maleny will become more and more commercialized and probably end up like Byron Bay where the essence of  the place that indefinable magical something which is precisely why people gathered there is irretrievably dissipated as the area becomes more and more commercial   .I feel its likely I will move to a quieter rural area like Glasshouse Mts or Beerwah We’ll see what unfolds..

Here is a rough draft of my imprint for my fledgling publishing outfit

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