Wow  yesterday such a big day   filled with love, creativity ,big sad news about an old neighbour who passed away too young   Woke up early feeling bleary eyed   meeting someone for a chai down at the beach in an hour so gotta type fast

Couldnt resist sharing a couple of pics which are coming along  for the book I am  currently working on the  illustrations for


I am happy with this one  finally .I  know the ocean is way too crowded  Too many jelly fish  but its for  kids and they respond to colour and detail and  I am sure most are not overly  pedantic about the overall  correctness of composition

This is the first one 

Expectant mama  taking a break

There come s a point in a pic when you   struggle  with it.You angst  and  doubt  Is it coming to gether? Is it going to work and you feel on the verge of giving up with it .many  artists  struggle with this half way through  syndrome  where you suddenly find yourself in the valley of “half way through fear and doubt”  and the only way out is through  .You just have to keep going   and then somehow  often magically you manage to get out of your own way  and it just flows . In this pic it was  drawing the baby in utero which had me a bit freaked out  and then she just popped out effortlessly within seconds eyelashes and all with her little butt crack in the right place and I was able to breathe a sign of relief