I was  delighted on Sunday to gather the following produce from my garden which comes to me apart from a few herbs courtesy of hard yakka of one of the previous tenants who clearly was a mad keen gardener

We had the loveliest weather here on Sunday Balmy sunshiney day clear blue skies with that distinct nip in the air signifying the approach of winter Everything really fresh after the rain

As I walked inside with an armful of wine red chrysanthenums pink rose big bright lemons onion chives parley and Vietnamese mint I felt like  I was in an episode of River  Cottage another of my fave tv shows ( I even bought a River Cottage cook book  ) and  I felt so grateful for the gifts of natures bounty

Here are a few photos of whats happening or coming on in my garden at present….. also see photo gallery   My garden  autumn 2019  Maleny

Pink Roses
Elephant  ears
Visiting Magpie


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