Recently I felt the gloom descend as I returned from the beach to head back up to Maleny where the temperature was dropping and  everything was draped in drissly rainy cloud ……..ho hum


Mutant Sunflower

Spirits lifted however when later that day out shopping  at my local supermarket I spied one single sunflower plant ridiculously priced  looking very cute and lovely and  which I instantly felt  was meant for me and proudly carried home through the drissling rain   clutching it to me like some magical talisman


I love the cheerful life affirming properties of Sunflowers having  mentioned in another post how I reckon in their insouciant bright upturned cheery  little dials they  challenge you to feel gloomy

I found a spot for it in the kitchen and couldn’t make any sense of why it was priced so cheaply it looked so beautifully formed  and just the right size for its pot  .That is until the buds started breaking out into flower and then I saw why they might have marked it tdown

Unbelievably as the buds have opened up   all the flowers on the plant appear as if they are growing out of  seem to be growing  out  the back of the main flower ……very odd ……it looks like its own version of one of those many faced Hindu Goddess dolls radiating tiny little suns in a 360 degree configuration  …..

Since a picture paints a thousand words here it is a few shots of my ‘mutant sunflower’ ….just as lovely though for all its apparent imperfection

Mutant Sunflower


Mutant Sunflower

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