my latest childrens book  Pic shot through a pop art filter

I am so delighted to share that I have completed another picture for my childrens book and really happy with it . Feel I managed to embue it with  the right vibe of joy  magic that a kid might respond to that I was aiming This one  took a month to create at least and many little sketches  of the various elements

I have photographed the original image as it was  created and also as photographed through a  couple of different special effects filters . See what you think

Original colours


black and white filter

So then now onto the next creative goal I have been invited by my local library  to have a photographic exhibition in September and am faced with the challenge of combing through I reckon around 15,000 photos from  my travels around Australia last year to make a short list of about  24 photos ….Ooh lala Big challenge

The exhibition will be called  ‘A Fresh Eye to Local Colour ‘

Plus I am packing up house in about 6 weeks time  and planning to go travelling .Eegads I just bought all this furniture to set up a lovely house. Now I am planning to put it all  into storage ? ???

I was going to go to the Galapagos Islands being a wild life nut  but its not the best season whether wise and climbing in and out of a wet suit in cold water doesnt make me feel excited or enthusiastic after my experience of  snorkelling with seals in Melbourne last year and climbing in and out of that bloody wet suit took hours so instead I am planning a trip to Africa …… Tanzania Serengeti to go on safari ……..

So busy times ahead ………

Just went out to the Beach and Bush  Art Exhibition in Kennelworth on the weekend I knew at least 3 of the contributing artists  Rob was there doing demo painting .Kennilworth was insanely busy given it was also the annual wine and food fest

Really appreciate Jonathon Jones work seen for the first time as a collection. His style is fresh and fun meticulously executed and very eclectic . His art reminds me of him .As is the Art so is the man or is it the other way around ?

Loved  Qld Artist Jenny Newborn’s lovely vibrant mixed medias as well   Those two artists were my faves at this show .



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