Mother Natures Marvels

Orange breasted green pigeon

This is possibly one of the most beautiful bird pics I  have ever come across Those  dreamy colours and the way mama bird is shielding her babies under her wings  such a tender lovely photo .  It came via the Australian Bird Photography facebook page where daily many beautiful world class photos of birds are posted  as per these images here

                                                                    Fairy wren

Mother nature never ceases to amaze and inspire me  .When I see such beautiful images I cant help see them as evidence that a benign loving force pervades all of life and somewhere God/Goddess is in his/her heaven and all is well   …….

Male and Female fairy wrens

I imagine all these celestial artisans in the heavenly art studios engaged in friendly competition  with one another to create ever more lovely designs …..then how do they manifest these designs in to the physical world I read something in the Urantia Book which feels in integrity to me  the send their designs over the materialist angels who encode the dna and release their creations into the physical world .It really gets beyond my comprehension  ……so much more to learn and know   about the mysteries and miracles of life ………..

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