So I couldn’t resist making the most of my loyalty card for a return visit to the Pickled Paintbrush last night

Anastasia took the class and assured us we were probably having the most fun in town on this Friday night  .She was probably right There were 16 of us . This time we were painting dragonflies fitting around in a silvery mystical moon .

I marvel at how we all start of with the same template but all finish up  by virtue of our unique creative input and individual  artistry end up with totally different paintings .  Love it  !!

There was one woman there who claimed she had never picked up a paint brush since leaving primary school and her finished work was amazing ……dazzling !!! I told her she was pulling my leg but she was adamant in her claims >I couldn’t help be wowed at where she might by now as an artist  if she had discovered her artistic gifts years ago .Probably hangin in the national gallery ………

Got so inspired I went home and   worked through until the wee small hours totally in the zone with finishing the previous canvass  Still life in glass vase .Music from the Nightclubs floated up through the window and the town hall clock struck every quarter hour making me feel like I was sitting  painting in some left bank Parisian loft. Loved it

I love how when you are working on any creative venture when you are  truly in the zone  you suddenly transition from effort and  self doubt and uncertainty to  flowing with confidence and joy in the moment with what you are creating. Its a beautiful transition when that happens  and it definately shows up in your work .

So photo of dragonfly dancing in the moonlight to be posted soon




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