Back in Yandina once more  after a fabulous trip to Yeppoon .Some highlights and low lights  once I had left Yeppoon and stopped  in Rockhampton  in transit  I got a chance to visit the Rockhampton  Museum of Art   which had only just opened a week or so previously The new gallery is  a really fabulous new building apparently  the second biggest Art gallery  in Qld  and really nicely set out with an interesting eclectic selection of art mixing up lesser known artists  side by side with some really big name well known  artists  and  information about the art works   presented in a really accessible modern way  .

I was thrilled to see  a portrait of my old housemate  the lady I shared a house with as a student    when I went to teachers college in Rockhampton being none other than  Ms Margaret Strelow who served as Lady Mayor  for over 16 years .

Margaret and Daryl   Strelow   around  1977

Here is a photo of Margaret with Daryl Strelow the man she married when he came a courtin.   We would have been about 18 when I took this photo  .Here  is the  portrait  of Margaret  45 odd years later  which was unveiled  concurrent with the opening of the new gallery .


New  portrait of former  Lady Mayor of Rockhampton Margaret Strelow

Actually the  new portrait is  quite lovely  The artist had managed to capture an  expression in Margarets eyes  I immediately recognised   and despite the gray hair  and a few more wrinkles she looked just like I remembered her .Not sure about the $100,000  commission fee  for the portrait though. It is good but…….😊


Simone  owner  of  Artizan Gluten Free Bakery in Rockhampton

Another high for me was  meeting Simone  the owner manager of  Artisan Gluten Free bakery   in Rocky  After taking in as much art as I could  at the Museum of Art  and looking for a bite to eat  I  happily and gratefully happened unexpectedly  on the Artisan Cafe   a little high tone  cafe atthe quieter end of town   . They also  served wonderful coffee and I had a gluten free  chicken and salad sandwich with fluffy EDIBLE   gluten free bread  Simone  came out of the kitchen  and we got to chatting  and got on like a house on fire  … we had a good long chat  and  have kept in touch ever since  …….

Wendy’s first ever  home baked bread ( very impressive )

She encouraged me to have a go at baking some bread   and I was chuffed to be able to send her a photo of my first   ever bread baking effort  Tada  Wow perhaps  I’ll make  some bloke  a good wife one day  (Hahaha  white witches cackle here  ,Not sure what my fantasy lover would have to say about that  )

The  low light was when I booked into the Criterion Hotel   liking both the architecture and the location of the place  but they forgot to tell me Friday night was live music night and from 8.30 pm  the music started pumping up through the floorboards at an unbearable  volume set to continue until midnight  .The young night manager who seemed a bit green about the niceties and protocols of good hospitality practice (No class)  would only give me a quiet room  out the back if I paid a higher rate  which didnt sit well with me  at all given the fact the disturbance was not of my making

In the end I went  off my head letting the Criterion hotel manager  know  in no uncertain terms I was not impressed and  would be hearing from me and I packed up and  left the Criterion as I had to get up at 5.00 the next morning to catch a train and I needed to sleep . A lovely hotel manager called David  organized a last minute booking for me over at the Q motel he assured me and did indeed provide me with a lovely quiet peaceful room and the evening proceeded without further incident  . I did manage to get a full refund from The Criterion  I’m happy to report .

The trip home was different in that we had to leave the train and we  went on from  Gympie by bus  and  I had seen the main street of Gympie   completely submerged  under water only a few days earlier. Now as we drove through   all the water seemed to have disappeared   but you could see the mudlines  indicating where the waters had risen to on the trees  One wondered where all that water disappeared to  Now they are talking about  completely relocating the Gympie main town centre which would make  good sense


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