More fame and conquering a fear …….

Wow  just received some wonderful publicity  for my book through  Just Write For Kids  which has a  national community of  writers and  and appreciators of children’s literature   so loving the idea of    sharing my experience of  writing and illustrating and self publishing   with my peers and fellow indie authors       Thankyou Romi   at Just Write For Kids   for your support

You can read  the article at this link

Also I  had an amazingly positive experience at the dentist  yesterday  pushing through fears which have   held me back for years  .

I  think I must have had a bad experience  visiting the dentist as a kid  where a dentist using their  sharp pointy instruments  was poking and prodding around in my mouth and must have touched a nerve  and  for many years have had a fear revulsion and loathing of  going to the dentist .    I did manage to get myself  to a low impact  check up  a few years ago whilst  travelling in WA  and was relieved to see dentistry had seemed to evolve far beyond the early days when they tied one end of a piece of string  to an offending tooth   and the other to a door knob but before that (Oh for shame )it must have been some 40 years since I set foot in a dental surgery .

So then fast forwards to a couple of months ago  when part of one of my back molars broke off and I have been walking round with a broken tooth  which felt like this huge crater in the back of my gums flanked by sharp edges of metal filling  which your tongue can’t help but  keep  gravitating to  I knew I was putting off the inevitable  and would have to do something …..

I half heartedly browsed the dentists ads for the  area  where I live  but  just couldnt seem to make the move to book in  then I like to think  Heaven stepped in to direct my path ….

I was visiting  a health and well being centre called ‘Our Space’  and as I arrived this  really  handsome  Indian gentleman  was talking with the ladies at reception  Something about him  dark sparkling eyes  a wide open  smile and gentle vibe  …  One of the ladies was all aflutter as she handed him a copy of her latest business card and  I could see this bloke was having quite an effect

Once he had gone  I asked about him and I was told his name was Arvi and  he was a dentist who worked just across the road at Gentle Dental   and he came highly recommended . I thought about my broken tooth  and  marvelled at Heavens  ingenuity . What a serendipitous  pathway was unfolding   to lure me back across the threshold of a dental surgery  .

The idea that I might have an hour of this gorgeous young man’s  undivided attention was certainly a sweetener in getting me to book in  and I had no hesitation whatsoever in making  my appointment.

I had to chuckle as I booked in and told the receptionist  Arvi had been recommended by the ladies at Our Space .  The receptionist sighed and  revealed  “I’m married and  even I know what they are talking about  …….”.

Anyway my hour with Arvi didnt disappoint  and Gentle Dental certainly lived up to its name I let Arvi know straight away I was terrified and not good at the dental thing and he gently  took me through the process….stopping every few minutes to let us take a break  and showing me the instruments he was using and   explaining in detail what he would be doing next …… All words like  grinding and drilling had to be removed from his vocab and  I was hyperventilating  at first  but then I realized   I was in good hands and relaxed and trusted the process and  by the end of the hour  or so  my  broken  tooth had  been filled and I had  a shiny clean smile  but just as importantly I had conquered my fears and emerged feeling very positive about the dental experience


These beautiful pearly whites are not mine but I wish they were


Of course anyone who has been to the dentist recently  knows going to the dentist  isn’t cheap these days and they charge like wounded bulls   and you have to find a place of  what your budget can reasonably afford  and  consider whether  the  heights of cosmetic artistry  they would like to  implement  to make your smile even whiter ,brighter and more even  and more dazzling  is really gonna improve the quality of your life  ?

But a big thanks to Arvi  for  fixing my broken tooth  but even more importantly  helping me conquer a crippling fear  and making  going to the dentist   such a wonderfully positive experience


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