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No one quite prepared me for the beauty of the trees in Western Australia  or why they seemed to speak to me as they did.  Whether it was the light and the geographic and biological conditions in that particular part of the world or my own  newly awakened spiritual sensitivity to truly seeing them and being in a new , previously for me undiscovered part of the world  and being very receptive to and  willing to be impressed by the novel and the new   but everywhere I went I seemed to be gazing  awe struck  at the trees  I encountered there  so magnificent and beautiful  and prolific they were in WA.

My travels would often find me gazing up  in wonder at these huge magnificent sentient beings  popping up unexpectedly on street corners knocking you out with their radiant magnificance or lining streets  in spectacular arches and avenues and  congregating spectacularly   in corner parks .. Everywhere I went the trees just seemed so much bigger and more magnificent than the trees back East .


Kalbarri foreshore   tree

One just down the road from where I was staying in Perth on William St  in Mt Lawley  I was told was a National Heritage listed tree .It was  ginormous silvery barked gum with big fat smooth story book limbs and branches on which sometimes  iconically and poetically  sat a single pair  of pink galahs  … This made me sigh with pleasure  .I suddenly felt like I found the trees from which Norman Lindsay got his inspiration for the magic pudding illustrations.

The trees I encountered in W.A. were both native varieties of gum such as those beauties with their beautiful  curvaceous limbs gracing the foreshores of Kalbarri and which seemed to have been deliberately planted as a  romantic gesture by some long ago Kalbarri or Northampton shire council.These trees were planted  in pairs  under which  benches  have been poetically   positioned to invite visitors or locals alike  to stop and sit a while  and gaze out to sea and contemplate the awesome and spectacular beauty of that part of the world  .


Deciduous trees in Hyde Park

In Hyde Park   in Mt Lawley  Perth there were also the huge deciduous trees which had been planted  when the park was created at the turn of the  20th Century.  These phenomenal European trees with their curvaceous twisted limbs spreading out  into vast wide  mind blowing canopies   and these enormous gnarly ‘lord of the rings style ‘ curved and twisted root systems that just stop you  awestuck  in your tracks  seem to live in companiable sympathetico with one another  One  might be growing leaning to the left so that another has room to spread out its branches and share in the sunshine  they appear as if to be caught up in some endlessly graceful and gracious accommodating dance together.

Deciduous trees in Hyde Park WA

I remember in Northhampton coming suddenly upon one beautiful gum tree growing almost tucked away from human view .I marvelled at how she grew there quietly blooming where she was planted regardless of whether anyone ever saw her or noticed her beauty dependent on no ones validation   standing in her quiet power through the seasons  providing oxygen for the townsfolk  home and shelter for birds and critters  simply fulfilling her genetic blueprint to become  the best  loveliest tree she could be .I felt as if in the moments I lingered there  she truly appreciated my being witness to her beauty  as perhaps few had .


Northhampton  tree 

In Western Australia I developed a new appreciation of trees.  I was often close to tears as I tried to photograph the beautiful essences  and the sheer magnificence of the trees I encountered. I feel like perhaps I was tuning into the devic essences of these  sentient beings and my limitations as a photographer rarely saw me completely satisfied that I had  captured the beauty of exactly what I saw  and felt.I really wanted to honour their beauty as it presented to me  and  just felt continuously humbled and awed by natures beauty and generosity.

I spent a lot of time gazing and marvelling at trees in WA and felt increasingly  as if they were talking to me. I marvelled at their patience   and their  stoic beauty and how they simply stood and grew where they were planted their arms outstretched to heaven .  I marvelled at how they patiently grew through all weathers. Think about it  trees go on growing  as silent patient ambassadors  of some greater Divine loving force  our longstanding  allies for without them  and the job they do converting our carbon dioxide in to oxygen  life on our planet could simply not exist.

Kalbarri foreshore 

Please also have a look at the trees in my photo gallery as well


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